I Love You (2004)
By: Michael Helms on July 31, 2006  |  Comments  |  Bookmark and Share
Siren visual (Australia). All Regions, NTSC. 4:3. Japanese DD 2.0, English DD 2.0. English Subtitles. 60 minutes
The Movie
Starring: Eiji Sakamoto (Leroy Goldberg), Tomomi Tashiro (LAMain), Mie Yashida (Tasha Burger), Masakazu Oonishi (Laura Palmer)
Screenplay: Rokwouta Makabe
Country: Japan
It was just over ten years ago that the OFLC began popping veins over a set of Japanese cartoons containing extreme violent monster sex. Stimulated by the second coming of the British video nasty and the James Bulger case, RC & X classifications were tossed around, and I do mean tossed around. Interestingly, the main offender, Legend Of The Overfiend, which presents multiple brutal rape scenes, does more than echo Evil Dead, in fact it takes the notorious molesting tree scene to ludicrous extremes. You might've passed on hardcore anime but it shouldn't be hard to turn on the Japanese cartoons of your minds childhood TV. I Love You has no aspects of horror but plays like some lurid subtext of Space Ace or Marine Boy, except it's got graphic insertion shots that come in spurts, in between a tale of love, lust and cloning.

Presented in two half hour episodes I Love You hooks us up with Jun who wants more than friends with benefits. "Fuck me deep inside", is one of the first lines of dialogue and away we go. He's soon involved with three sisters but does he really want the blind one? It all ends in tears and nipple licking with the juiciest sex scene sounds that you're likely to hear, and one close up cum shot.

Part two is similarly paced but with serious sci-fi undertones.
I Love You is visually ordinary at best and that's not even considering some suss use of colour.
As previously mentioned the stereo re-production of sex sounds in I Love You is sensational. It's so good it's hard to believe it was purposely created (by Tasha Burger & Laura Palmer amongst other funny anglo-psuedonyms) for I Love You.
Extra Features
Trailers for itself and fellow X-rated anime titles Girl Next Door, Campus, Maiking and the recently released Endless Serenade. A slideshow and outtakes.
The Verdict
Coming in just the right size doses the two bits of I Love You, presumably now a series, deliver the goods that would otherwise cop an X-rating if they weren't cartoons. All trash enthusiasts should devote time to viewing large eye characters with dots for other facial features humping each other silly.
Movie Score
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