Adrenalin: Fear the Rush (1996)
By: Devon B. on May 6, 2006  |  Comments  |  Bookmark and Share
Reel (Australia). Region 4, PAL. 4:3. English DD 2.0, English Subtitles. 73 Minutes
The Movie
Director: Albert Pyun
Starring: Christopher Lambert, Natasha Henstridge, Norbert Weisser, Elizabeth Barondes, Andrew Divoff
Screenplay: Albert Pyun
Country: USA
AKA: Adrenalin

Adrenalin: Fear The Rush? What a terrible name! You have to wonder about anyone who would make a film and want to call it that. Especially since the title implies some excitement, which is wholly inaccurate. No, this movie needs to be rechristened, and with my love of accurate titles, I've decided it should be Viewer: Fear The Boredom.

Viewer: Fear The Boredom is set way in the future, in post-apocalyptic 2007. To be fair, the film was made in 1995, but the 'near future' it was set in back then is now only a few months away. In the movie, some mutant guy who looks like a Wrong Turn reject and suffers from a deadly, soon to be contagious, infection, begins killing people. The rest of the movie is about police officers Christopher Lambert and Natasha Henstridge, along with a few other lesser-known thespians, chasing after the killer.

The movie looks slick enough, and probably could've been a well-made thriller, but it's just uninteresting. Insipid dialogue, banal 'action,' and a sappy forced ending make this the worst Lambert/Henstridge mutant chasing movie ever. Heavily padded at 73 minutes long (a run time that include five minutes of credits), Viewer: Fear The Boredom is not one to get, or even touch, if you see it on a rental shelf.

The movie is presented in a mostly clear print, with only a few specks present. The film's title card starts at 2.35:1, then goes full frame for the feature, and ends with the credits presented at 2.35:1. That's good, because the most important part of any movie to see in the correct aspect ratio is the end credits. The non-credit portion of the film suffers one of the worst pan and scan jobs I've ever seen, giving the movie a VERY cramped look. I could honestly understand if people got nauseous during the handheld segments due to the super tight framing. I began to wonder if this movie was like Halloween, and really needed to be seen in its original aspect ratio to be appreciated. But then I remembered that when Leon was still just The Professional, it also had a terrible pan and scan job for the home video market, and I could still tell it was a good movie.
The audio is in two-channel stereo. The dialogue is often too quiet. In fact, during the initial voice over, I had a LOT of trouble hearing what was being said. The score is overpowering and excessive, which also didn't help when trying to decipher dialogue.
Extra Features

Do English subtitles for the hearing impaired count as an extra?

The Verdict
This movie is great if you want to see Lambert keep getting shot for being foolish, or love seeing actors trying to remember whether to use the term 'torch' or 'flashlight.' Even if you really like this movie, which means there's really something wrong with you, this release isn't worth owning due to the egregious pan and scan job.
Movie Score
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