Virgins From Hell (1987)
By: Michael Helms on May 4, 2006  |  Comments  |  Bookmark and Share
Mondo Macabro (USA). All Regions, NTSC. 2.35:1 (16:9 enhanced). English DD 1.0. 94 minutes
The Movie
Director: Ackyl Anwari
Starring: Enny Beatrice, Yenny Farida, Leily Sagita, Nina Anwar, Ratna Debby, Yetty Lourens, Harry Capri, Uckie Kartolo
Country: Indonesia
An overhead shot of a sleazy gambling den gives way to a guy stuffing his winnings into a briefcase. A gal winks to another before going to assist Mr. Lucky. Cut to an all female gang wearing hot pants and riding trail bikes. Swinging on a light fitting our heroine drops the guy with a scissors hold before shooting to kill and calling in her buddies. Driving their red 4WD with white skulls on the bonnet through the front doors, the girls go gun crazy and escape with the cash. A survivor reports back to the big boss saying they were raided by hundreds. He's promptly told to kill all the women and dump their bodies in the river. He's also warned that Mr. Tiger will be informed.

Out on the road we're treated to close ups of the pack in their all-purpose uniforms of short shorts, tight tops, and go-go boots. A violent flashback from the femme leader reveals the reason behind her current craving for violent retribution.

Back to the war where the gals make a night raid involving bikes, jumps, explosions and one hell of a poorly conceived/executed gag with a bike on wires. A false floor traps several gals who immediately become subjects for the secret lab where they plan to corner the world market in aphrodisiacs. A bad cover version of Nights In White Satin jumps out of the busy music soundtrack. A lab demo goes down (literally). A guy comes (off screen) and the gal spits white fluid into Mr. Tiger's face. Thrown into the dungeon she's let loose in a world of torture that involves being trapped in a sack with an angry possum and getting punched and kicked onto barbed wire while hanging from a rope.

Basically a women in prison flick from here on in, Virgins From Hell then racks up the exploitation points including but not limited to spastic dancing (for Mr. Tiger), exploding face bubbles, a bullet sucking reptile, a face sucking leech attack, a croc attack, intermittent soft core nudity, head banging, Mr. T in a poncho, a gal being roasted on a spit, the obviously fake red painted rocks on the aforementioned barbecue and choice dialogue like, "I'll get you, you stupid sluts". Suffice to say it all ends in flames with Larry the ass-kicking pharmacist furiously exchanging enzymes as the remaining team of gal pals look on.
Constantly dark around the edges and totally 80s in look and feel except for hairspray which they obviously forgot to budget for. Suffice to say no one has presented Virgins From Hell in such a clean and eminently viewable condition as Mondo Macabro do here.
Adequate and punchy, or rather explosive enough in the sound effects department to fully compliment the dubious original score.
Extra Features
Trailer, excellent text history of Women In Prison flicks by Pete Tombs, Destination: Jakarta — 70 minutes of nearly two dozen Rapi Films trailers, a cool 25 minute doco on Indonesian exploitation cinema, and the usual stunning collection of Mondo Macabro products.
The Verdict
Considering the current state of Australian-Indonesian relations what better way to keep things in perspective than by digesting this Rambo-infected women's prison flick and then casually sauntering through the Rapi Films trailer collection. Although you'll recognise the Indonesian ability to mobilise many extras and military equipment (on display in such films as Hell Raiders which in its Prestige Video label release was available from every Australian video retailer that ever existed) it's the kooky and all-out crazed horror hybrids like Mystics In Bali, Slave Of Satan and The Devil's Sword, and the fact that Indonesia has such a rich exploitation film history, which will never allow you to take an Indonesian seriously ever again. Yes, this two-disc version of Virgins From Hell is a real special edition.
Movie Score
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