Supervixens (1975)
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AV Channel (Australia). Region 4, PAL. 4:3. English DD 2.0 Mono 106 minutes
The Movie
Director: Russ Meyer
Starring: Shari Eubank, Charlie Napier, Uschi Digard, Charles Pitts
Screenplay: Russ Meyer
Country: USA
Supervixens is an extremely unusual film. What may at first come across as soft core porn, actually has a pretty good story, and is a hilarious, sexy and is a vicious satire of the times in which it was made. Meyer took the similar themes of his earlier film Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! and took everything to a more excessive level. The women are bustier, and regularly topless, the violence more horrific and shocking, the chases faster, the set pieces more rural and the obscure, well, more obscure. With many deliberately scandalous moments in this film, Supervixens is in a genre all of its own…

Poor Clint Ramsey (Charlie Pitts) works in a gas station while constantly being harangued by his girlfriend SuperAngel (Shari Eubank) about his infidelity. Finally, after one accusation of infidelity becomes too much Clint goes home to face his girl. The argument turns into a brawl, to which the police are called by a neighbour. The attending patrolman is one Harry Sledge (Charles Napier), who takes a liking to SuperAngel himself, and tells Clint to go back to work, and not to leave town, just in case she wishes to lay charges. A fidelity is crossed, and a murder committed, forcing Clint to get out of town…and quick!! He has many adventures across the land, usually involving women with wobbling wonders, eventually finding peace at SuperVixen's (Shari Eubank again) garage, but will his serenity last…?

You think you know exactly what you are in for the second the menu comes up for this film, a wonderful rendition of one of the characters, Super Lorna, who, once every couple seconds, has her boobs bounce up and down to a cartoonish 'boing' sound. While Meyer's subject matter may not be to everybody's liking, his evolution as a filmmaker has an interesting history. Serving in World War 2 as a War Photographer, which you can actually see in the Spielberg produced documentary 'Shooting War' (available on DVD with Saving Private Ryan), Meyer's ability as a filmmaker may not be spectacular, but his ability to tell an entertaining, if not immature, story are evident. His editing of the film is like the 'MTV style' of quick cuts and extreme angles, but well before it became cool, and then uncool, to do so. His ability with the 'visual innuendo' is unsurpassed in my modest opinion, and there are plenty of them in this film. Surprisingly though, amongst the gigantic breasts, the bad acting, the awful dialogue, the repetition and the totally un-PC-ness of the whole thing, there is actually a pretty powerful and violent story lying hidden within. The comedy elements, almost always involving sex or breasts, leave you in a false sense of security, and when the violence starts, it is so unexpected, that that in itself makes it feel more extreme. By the way, make sure you read all the names in the end credits; it's a bawdy treat in itself.
The quality of the visuals is far below average. While the full-screen picture itself is clear and the colours lively, the image has a constant barrage of artefacts all over the screen, which never interferes too much with the image, but to those that find it annoying, will suffer through this film.
The soundtrack is excellent, a kitschy seventies sound that suits the film perfectly. This soundtrack is in mono, but suits the film perfectly.
Extra Features
Not many extras on this Meyer disc unfortunately. The inside cover, like all of the Director's Suite films of Meyer's so far, has a biography on the inside cover of the amray DVD case.

The commentary on this disc is done by the late great Russ Meyer. Meyer's memory, as usual, is good, and some of his behind the scenes tales are funny and sometimes just disturbing stories about filmmaking and the wheeling and dealing that goes along with it. This commentary meanders at time, and Meyer's tends to mumble a bit, he starts some points but then trails off as he becomes interested in watching the film himself, which can occasionally be frustrating.

Theatrical Trailer (1 minute 59 seconds) which is the usual Meyer advertisement, where you are told the psychological and artistic interpretations of the film, but maybe, just maybe deep down, you might think the film is an excuse to see bouncing bountiful beauties. In this trailer he is described as the 'rural Fellini', and this film is the perfect example of that.

This disc also has trailers for others in Madman's 'Director's Suite' line of films. These include Meyer's Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!, Pedro Almodovar's Live Flesh, Wong Kar Wai's 2046 and Lucas Moodysson's Show Me Love.
The Verdict
Definitely a movie to watch with a female friend, cause a man watching this film by himself may take several goes to see it all the way through…it you get where I am coming from….I mean if you get my meaning…This is a busty film with a voluptuous comedic script with a great underlying sense of brutality to it…, oh, and there are some girls with big boobies in it at well. The comedy in it is certainly of the 'Benny Hill' or "Carry On…' variety, but this makes for a 'quaint and saucy' film with a HUGE dose of sex and violence in it… and at the end of the day, isn't that what well ALL want? In my honest opinion, any cult movie collection that DOESN'T have Russ Meyer's films in it is not complete at all.
Movie Score
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