Guts of a Virgin (1986)
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Japan Shock Holland All Regions, NTSC. 1.85:1 (Non-anamorphic). Japanese DD 2.0. English, German Subtitles. 73 minutes
The Movie
Director: Kazuo 'Gaira' Komizu
Starring: Saeko Kizuki, Naomi Hagio, Osamu Tsuruoka, Hideki Takahashi
Screenplay: Kazuo 'Gaira' Komizu
Country: Japan
AKA: Shojo no Harawata; Entrails of a Virgin

Warning: Not much happens story wise in this movie, so to relay the basic plot reveals things that occur over halfway through the film. The film isn't complex, so I doubt I've said anything that would ruin the movie for anyone, but here's a warning anyway. Surprisingly, Guts of a Virgin has been floating around on the bootleg circuit for years. I would have thought that as soon as one person saw it, word of mouth would have ensured that no one else ever wasted 70 minutes of their lives on this misogynistic garbage.

Guts of a Virgin opens with a montage of shitty, confusing shots. Various photos of semi-naked women are mixed with footage of a different photo shoot in session. The editing gets a little better, but the story is so simple my retarded parakeet could have come up with it, so things might have been better if the movie was as incoherent as its intro. Six people, three female models, and three male photo crew members, hole up in an abandoned house because the guys wish to take advantage of their recent pictorial subjects. Some mud smeared pseudo-deity man shows up and begins killing them. Men go quickly, women are fornicated with first.

This film has a reputation as being a sick and twisted gorefest, but gore is not the focus, very graphic soft-core sex is. Twisted and sick movie all right, but not what I expected going in. The sex element is made even less pleasant by the complete degradation of the female characters. There's a semi-nude wrestling match designed JUST to insult the honour of the female contestant. In another segment, a woman giving head stops to voice her displeasure with the relationship she's in only to be ignored, so she returns to the task at hand. Then a very amped up guy carries a woman around upside down and then ejaculates down her throat, choking her (the viewer is treated to seeing her cough up his seed in the most explicit sexual moment of the movie).

If someone seeks Guts of a Virgin out for gore, they're gonna be sad, even though the well hung mudman does dispatch virtually every character. There's a guillotining, somewhat similar to the one in Bloodsucking Freaks, a horrible javelin related death, a stupid hooking, and a guy who gets his head smashed in with a hammer (the last image is what's on the DVD cover). All these effects suck. The only somewhat decent effect is a disembowelling; if George Eastman were pulling intestines instead of a foetus out of Serena Grandi in Anthropophagus, it might have looked like this. This scene may well be the né plus ultra of the murder via crotch nastiness found in some of the horror genre's more disturbing pics. Despite the extreme nastiness of the scene, it is still a bit silly due to the woman's skin's rubbery look. And it's not even the virgin who's disembowelled, so the title is just dumb. The title should be Entrails of a Scuzzy, Insane Model.

As stated, the mudman has sex with the women before killing them. Of course, the women must enjoy this. The reason? The mudman has a huge stiffy. To show he's well endowed, a crew member raises a long, thick object hidden in the dark. Just light enough to see something, just dark enough that the director could hope it might look convincing. It doesn't. It couldn't be too explicit anyway, or it would fall prey to the dreaded Japanese optical censoring.
While presumably a step up from the fuzzy boots of yesteryear, the presentation on this DVD is not up to standard with current DVD technology. Despite being produced in the Netherlands, this DVD does featuring fogging over people's groins (even though no obvious pubic hair is being shown), so I guess the Japanese censors got to the film before it was shipped out for international release. Another flaw on the DVD is that the subtitles are presented on a black bar, which covers the lower matte of the film every time someone says something.
Unremarkable but passable Japanese audio track, with removable English and German language subs.
Extra Features
The DVD has trailers for Evil Dead Trap 1 and 2, Guts of a Virgin and its sequel Guts of a Beauty, Beautiful Girl Hunter and Wet Rope.
The Verdict
This is a stupid, heavily padded, aggravating movie, which no one should ever, ever bother to watch. I paid $1 for it and felt ripped off, so I really feel sorry for all the poor suckers that plunked down $25 or more to get a bootleg in the days of old. The trailers for Evil Dead Trap are better than anything found within this film or its sequel.
Movie Score
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