Camp Blood 2 (2000)
By: Devon B. on February 20, 2006  |  Comments  |  Bookmark and Share
Dead Alive (USA). All Regions, NTSC. 4:3. English DD 2.0. 90 minutes
The Movie
Director: Brad Sykes
Starring: Jennifer Ritchkoff, Patrick Thomas, Brannon Gould
Screenplay: Brad Sykes
Country: USA
Obviously having learned no lessons about not renting crap films from Camp Blood, I also decided to rent Camp Blood 2. To be fair, I don't hate Camp Blood, and for the shot on video slasher that it is, it has some merit. The same can not be said for the follow up however.

Like its predecessor, Camp Blood 2 opens with a couple getting killed in the woods, but unfortunately they don't have gratuitous sex like the couple in the prequel. Gratuitousness or no, seems the clown is still on the loose…

Then we go to an asylum (a location which is a tad more believable than the first film's 'Let's throw a sheet on the floor' set decoration) to find the sole survivor from Camp Blood is back, still 'crazy,' and having nightmares about the clown. Interestingly, she has managed to dream about the clown's new mask, not the old one that she actually saw, so she must be psychic. While in the asylum, a director approaches her. The director wants to make a movie about the Camp Blood murders, and says the clown may be the next Freddy Kruger. Hark, do I hear the sound of someone overestimating the value of their own franchise? Anyway, the director somehow gets the girl out of the asylum, and the film-within-a-film's production gets under way. They run into some problems when the clown begins to plague their set.

While the gore is improved over the prequel, what's for show here could still be done by anyone. The clown mask is more 'menacing' than the original, but it's also sillier because there're these two ridiculous flaps hanging out of the back near the neck line. In every other aspect Camp Blood 2 suffers from inferior sequel syndrome. Gone is the nice, opening nudity from part one; here it takes a full 25 minutes to get someone naked, and she's all siliconed. The movie is slower and much more boring than the first installment, and there are some really interesting on display ideas about the value of continuity.

One of the most absurd elements of Camp Blood 2 is that the film-within-a-film seems to have an even lower budget than Camp Blood 2! There's no sound department, no crew, not even a slate. I find it hard to believe that a director who has the clout to get inmates released from mental asylums can't even afford a slate.

But the worst thing about Camp Blood 2 is its pretensions. The first movie was a silly no budget slasher, but part two is self aware. For example, there's an audition scene to make fun of 'bad' acting, but the actual movie is full of it! The movie they're making has some digs at 'bad' horror movies, but all those do is highlight Camp Blood 2's own flaws. The film may be a better effort than most shot on video movies, but it is too ambitious for its own good, and ultimately just annoying.

However, the film does contain, in the words of Joe Bob Briggs, the immortal line, 'I'm trying to drink my juice here. I don't have to hear about killer clowns.' If only the rest of the movie were that funny.

Camp Blood 2 is presented full frame. It's shot on video, so expect the usual grain, bad lighting, and other general low quality that that entails.
The audio mix rivals Sepultura's Bestial Devastations in terms of redefining the phrase 'sounds bad.' The volume constantly fluctuates, which is very annoying. Also the actor playing the director is forever slapping his hands on his side while talking, and thanks to the poor sound, it's REALLY disconcerting.
Extra Features

The DVD includes the trailer, which has footage not found in the film, the trailer for the prequel, and a still gallery with –wow!-like six pictures. There's also the standard mess of the Dead Alive trailer menu, and this time it says Camp Blood 2's trailer isn't on the disc, but can be found on other Dead Alive DVDs. I really wonder if anyone at Dead Alive even looked at their discs before Okaying the pressing, because the trailer is on the disc, just not in the trailer menu.

The Verdict
Boring, pretentious, pompous and featuring a disappearing clown on fire, there's little reason to watch this. Actually, the only reason to watch is that glorious quote about juice and killer clowns, and since you've already read it, there's now no reason to waste your time on this dreck.
Movie Score
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