Guts of Beauty (1986)
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All Regions, NTSC. 1.85:1 (Non-anamorphic). Japanese DD 2.0. English, German Subtitles. Japan Shock Holland 68 minutes
The Movie
Director: Kazuo Komizu)
Starring: Saeko Kizuki, Naomi Hagio, Megumi Kawashima, Megumi Ozawa, Ayako Ishii, Seira Kitagawa
Screenplay: Kazuo Komizu)
Country: Japan
AKA: Bijo No Harawata; Entrails of a Beautiful Woman; Guts of a Virgin 2
Warning: Not much happens story wise in this movie, so to relay the basic plot reveals things that occur over halfway through the film. The film isn't complex, so I doubt I've said anything that would ruin the movie for anyone, but here's a warning anyway.

Completely ignore the synopsis on the back of the DVD case. Seems the geniuses that decided it'd be a good idea to re-release Guts of a Beauty on the world also decided to confuse everyone by swapping the synopsis with that of the film's prequel.

Like its predecessor Entrails of a Virgin, Guts of a Beauty is heavily padded. Again, the focus is on twisted sex, but at least this time there's a real monster. The film opens with a Yakuza gang raping a girl they've abducted. This gang is in the racket of abducting women, raping them, turning them into drug addicts, and selling them as sex slaves. The women don't struggle too much during the rape scenes. At least there's no misogyny in this instalment, eh? One of the Yakuza's recent abductions is actually a girl looking for her sister, who'd already been sold by the gang.

The new abductee gets away and ultimately kills herself, but not before giving enough information to a female psychologist that allows the psychologist to track down the Yakuza. The psychologist starts to investigate and she hooks up with a member of the Yakuza who is the former boyfriend of the sister that first disappeared. Seems he still misses her and she was sold by one of the clan's other members. The psychologist hypnotizes him to kill his clan, but it doesn't work and he leads the group back to the psychologist. She gets abducted, is sodomized while having her face forced into a female gang associate's crotch, then gets injected with a drug. The drug begins to make her skin ripple, an effect facilitated with some off camera blow dryers, and she turns into a big, angry, slimy, covered in blood monster with a dick that rivals Oderus Urungus' for size.

The psychologist monster begins to dispatch the various Yakuza members by doing things like revert to human form to seduce one, have sex, snap his neck, and then finish out the sex act. Another she attacks as the monster, retracts her penis, and suffocates him with her reformed vagina. That may sound interesting, but it takes 50 minutes for the monster to show up, and there's only 20 minutes left in the movie when it does, and not all of the remaining runtime is monster related.

Guts of a Beauty's raison d'être is the graphic sex, including a presumably faked oral scene which is optically censored (yet another involving the monster dick is not) and a woman smearing cum on her face to make a guy think he'd ejaculated in her mouth. The film does improve upon its prequel in that there are some okay horror FX, but there is a slight problem even there. Veins bulge out…but it looked better the first time round in Scanners. A man gets decapitated from the mouth up...Buttgereit did this better, though less messily, in Nekromantik. The monster's penis erupts out of a woman's stomach…just like the chestburster in Alien. There's some okay dismemberment and stabbings…but also some really hokey knife wounds. The monster transforms at the end…but it looks terrible. Yes, it's all either been done before, been done better, or is zeroed out by a complete garbage effect - and most of the okay effects are connected to a crap one. With the FX not makin' the film, the only reason to see it is if you want to hear characters say things like, "I haven't taken a bath yet. Can you smell it?"
The print is better than the prequel, but still wouldn't be able to compete with current DVD releases. For the time, the print is pretty good, but there are a few white circles on it. Unfortunately the subs on this DVD also alter the matte as they did on Entrails.
Unremarkable but passable Japanese audio track, with removable English and German language subs.
Extra Features
Contains trailers for Evil Dead Trap 1 + 2, Guts and its prequel Entrails of a Virgin, Beautiful Girl Hunter and Wet and Rope.
The Verdict
Better than the prequel, but the only reason I even know that is because I got them both together. There's nothing in this film to make it worth tracking down, and this DVD release is flawed. Avoid it.
Movie Score
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