Monsturd (2003)
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Elite (USA). All Regions, NTSC. 4:3. English DD 5.1. 81 minutes
The Movie
Cover Art
Director: Rick Popko & Dan West
Starring: Weiner, Beth West, Dan Burr, Brad Dosland, Rick Popko, Dan West
Screenplay:Rick Popko & Dan West
Country: USA
I've got problems. I stumbled across Monsturd and immediately wanted to see it. What the hell's wrong with me? I resisted temptation, but then read some reviews that made it sound decent, so I took a look. Well, it's okay, but it's shot on video. I wasn't expecting that for some reason.

Monsturd's story is actually a little girl's bedtime story for her father. This plot device allows for much silliness and many clichés, since how could you expect a little girl to know any better? The little girl is telling the story of Schmitt (clever name there) a serial killer breaking out of prison using a doll like Clint Eastwood did in Escape from Alcatraz. This doll is about as convincing as a balloon with a wig on it under the sheets, yet the guard pokes it in an attempt to wake it up! Anyway, Schmitt comes in to contact with some carelessly discarded chemical waste whilst making his escape through the sewer system, and mutates into a giant turd as a result. The police track the Monsturd, and it hides in the sewers. Oh, and the poo kills some people. The police have to stop it before the big Chilli cook off which would result in much sewer filling, as the Monsturd draws power from shit, or something. After several nods to Alligator, some genius decides that if everyone just avoids toilets, the thing in the sewer won't be able to get them. Don't worry about manhole blockades, no need to watch grate coverings, just avoid the toilets…

It's SOV, and as usual, there's some wonderful acting. Wait, that doesn't read sarcastic enough. It's SOV, and as per the usual with these great cinematic epics, Oscar calibre performances abound. Some of the cast are better than expected, but still…There is some good understated humour, like the sheriff constantly trying to have a doughnut. Some of the better humour isn't quite so understated, like a man screaming while trying to plunge Schmitt, a police announcement ala The Blues Brothers that gets way out of hand, and a similarly chaotic ventriloquism bit. Of particular note in this uneven story is one of the most bizarre lines I've ever heard, which was the result of some ad-libbing. At a restaurant, one cop tries to pick up the waitress by asking her to sit on his face and make it look like a glazed doughnut. WHAT???? I actually found that if I focused on the film, it seemed a bit slow, but if I paid only half attention, the good parts stood out and I could ignore the crap.

Production values are obviously quite low. A rolled up piece of paper (or something that looks like that) is used instead of a police megaphone. The poop guy looks worse than those in Flesh Gordon 2, but I don't think that was the original idea given that the police artist's sketch resembles Green Jellö's Shitman. The few points of articulation are painfully obvious, but at least it's a monster.

With sharper editing and better performances, Monsturd could've been really funny, but that's true of almost anything. The punchline is good, though, and the final joke's followed by a relatively amusing theme song.
The DVD presents Monsturd at 1.33:1, which makes sense since it's SOV. The film looks like…it was shot on video. The DVD appeared to be a decent transfer of the film, but no one will be leaping from his or her seat while pointing at the television and screaming 'Wow, look at that print!' because…it was shot on video.
The score is weak, and the sound mix flawed, but that is to be expected given the film's budget.
Extra Features
The DVD comes with a commentary featuring the directors and a few cast members. The directors are certainly high-energy talkers, and provide lots of info about how the film was shot and stuff about the cast. I guess it's good info for indie filmmakers, but I wasn't enthralled. They do often recommend aspiring filmmakers purchase a smoke machine…which is weird 'cause in the behind the scenes, it looks like they just use fireworks. The commentators pick on the movie, but are obviously quite proud of it and themselves. The commentary will mostly be of interest to people who worked on the movie, but just because most people won't care to hear about nobodies and bits of their houses used in filming. The commentary does get funny at times, but it wasn't ever something I cared about.

The DVD also comes with the trailer; and a behind the scenes featurette which contains outtakes, behind the scenes stuff; and footage of the film's premiere. I did like seeing the two directors arguing, and the filming of the death of the mad plunger man was pretty funny. There's a lot of stuff in this featurette, and it could've used some tightening, much like the film itself, but there are a few amusing bits…much like the film itself.
The Verdict
Monsturd is certainly far better than it's SOV peers. In the end, two guys got together and produced a decent film about an evil, feces composed killer, and, really, that's a beautiful thing.
Movie Score
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