Omen (2003)
By: Michael Helms on November 12, 2005  |  Comments  |  Bookmark and Share
Panik House Entertainment (USA). All Regions, NTSC. 1.78:1 (16:9 enhanced). Thai DD 5.1, Thai DTS 5.1, Thai DD 2.0. English, Spanish Subtitles. 83 minutes
The Movie
Director: Thammarak Kamuttmanoch
Starring: Kawee Tanjararak, Apichet Kittikornjaroen, Wrrawech Danuwong, Supachaya Ruenrerng, Pisamai Vilaisak
Screenplay: Oxide and Danny Pang
Country: Thailand
After a black and white prologue involving a little boy being discouraged by a group of older ones ends with a loud noise and shots of feet, the credits roll leaving us to get to know three young twentysomething guys who run their own print ad agency and are arguing over the finished colour of an ad when we join them after hours in their modern office building.

One of the guys, having problems with his car CD player on the way home, crashes and wakes up in the room of an old woman. She disappears and his car won't start.

One of the other guys gets caught in traffic when a girl watering houseplants accidentally knocks a pot off her balcony onto his car. Slowly, each of these two story strands are brought together as each guy goes back to meet the women involved. The work lift selectively breaks down. A young roadside seller is hit by traffic. Warned not to eat fast by the old woman, one guy nearly chokes on his bowl of noodles. B&W flashbacks of a dog become more prominent as a photo becomes central to driving the plot. One of the guys is eventually crushed by a crane and with the help of flashbacks to 1917 the mystery behind the series of strange occurrences is somewhat resolved.

Slow and too mysterious for it's own good Omen might look good every step of the way but is horror lite in a R.L.Stine kind of way. More horrifying than the film itself is the story of band member Big who drove his car into a Thai canal and has been so diseased since he's been unable to continue his career that was burgeoning at the time.
As sharp as you can get when not completely consumed by the patented Thai darkness.
The sound design is one of the strongest aspects of Omen, and it is reproduced effectively here with 5.1, DTS, and Dolby Digital 2.0 audio options.
Extra Features
Text data that documents the D2B story and profiles the band members, production notes, poster and stills gallery, tribute to unfortunate band member Big, trailers and a special insert card and sticker!
The Verdict
For fans of boy band movies only.
Movie Score
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