Nekromantik 2 (1991)
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Barrel Entertainment (USA). Region 1, NTSC. 4:3. German DD 2.0, German 1.0. English Subtitles. 103 minutes
The Movie
Director: Jorg Buttgereit
Starring: Lena Braun, Monika M, Mark Reeder
Screenplay: Jorg Buttgereit, Franz Rodenkirche
Tagline: The Return of the loving dead!
Country: Germany
AKA: Nekromantik 2: Die Rückkehr der liebenden Toten
Barrel Entertainment return with Jörg Buttgereit's return via the return of the loving dead.

Nekromantik 2 is the heart-warming tale of two lovers separated by a society that cannot understand or accept their attraction to each other. Troubled by her inability to lead a normal life with her current love, the female becomes entangled with another, more normal man. With great sadness, she breaks off the relationship with her original Romeo. Unable to separate fully, though, she keeps a small piece of him with her at all times. She attempts to make things work in her new relationship, but has much difficulty trying to change herself. Happily her true love wins out, leaving nary a dry eye in the theatre house, I'm sure.

Nekromantik 2 is a bit of a perplexing film. It certainly utilizes elements found within the horror genre, and the corpse fucking found within the Buttgereit genre, but it also suffers from tremendous padding. Buttgereit reveals the reason for this in the commentary, and while making horror fans expecting a gore-drenched sequel to Nekromantik sit through 10 minutes of zoo footage IS funny, the film itself suffers because of this. The movie becomes bogged down in out of place musical numbers, dialogless carnival fair footage, and slow editing. This results in quite a lull in the film, but this lull does have one positive in that it leaves the viewer a bit tranquil, and thus more jolted by the wow of an ending. Not to create the impression that I dislike the film, I just think it could've been much stronger if it weren't a springboard for a practical joke being played by the director.
The film is presented in all it's full frame glory and looks BRILLIANT. There's still grain in the darker scenes, but once again Barrel have done an exemplary job with the transfer. Buttgereit actually complains in the commentary that the print is too good and spoils the FX, making the blood too bright.
The film is available in the original German mono mix, or with a new 2.0 remix, and features removable English subs.
Extra Features
For some reason the chapter selection goes via the language setup menu, but otherwise there's nothing I would change about the DVD's presentation. The extras, also as usual, are Legion…I mean many.

There's humorous liner notes from Buttgereit and some more serious ones by author David Krekes in the insert.

On the disc proper is a filmography for Buttgereit, a Die Krupps music video directed by Buttgereit and starring Monika M., an extensive photo gallery, and trailers. But there's more extras than any sane person can fit in one sentence: There's also over 10 minutes of silent outtakes featuring people goofing off and alternate takes. There's also a making of, which like on the prequel's DVD, is the relevant bit from the very out of print Corpse Fucking Art, but this time the original German audio is included with optional English subs. This is cool, 'cause some different stuff is covered between the two audio tracks. The standard Buttgereit short included on this DVD is Manne the Mowie, which is easily the least of his shorts that I've seen. It's just a guy puking while a very annoying voice-over prattles on.

The biggest bonus feature is, naturally, the commentary featuring Buttgereit, Franz Rodenkirchen, and cast members Monika M. and Mark Reeder. The commentary begins with the Germans addressing complaints about the accents present on the Schramm commentary track. I guess some real idiots had trouble understanding the track, which is dumb because it's incredibly clear. Anyway, on the Nekro 2 track, they joke that they've brought in an Englishman (Reeder) to make sure someone there knows how to speak the language properly. Not very far in, Reeder makes a joke about setting a record, and is quickly told the soundtrack was never available on vinyl. Guess the Germans wanted to prove they really did need help. The track, as are all the tracks in the Buttgereit series, is excellent. The thing I found most interesting in the commentary was how many lengths Buttgereit went through to make it so horror fans WOULDN'T like the movie. He explains all the extra footage in the carnival, the art house movie, and all that other stuff that is there because he thought the idea of horror fans sitting through it was funny. To top it off, he also included the seal autopsy video so that horror fans couldn't say they liked the movie because of the FX, because it wasn't just FX in the movie. Now, THAT'S funny. I can find it funny, because it's revealed that the seal video was footage from an autopsy trying to collect information on mysterious seal deaths, not just some mindless butchery. For some reason, that makes it easier for me to accept it being in the movie.

And if all those features weren't enough, Barrel have also included the previously incredibly difficult to find soundtrack. It doesn't just have Nekro 2's score, either, it's got the prequel's soundtrack, as well as some cuts from Der Todesking.
The Verdict
Barrel Entertainment = best company ever. This is the most must have DVD about necrophilia and carnivals ever.
Movie Score
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