Visitor Q (2001)
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Siren Visual Entertainment (Australia). All Regions, PAL. 4:3. Japanese DD 5.1, Japanese DTS 5.1, Japanese 2.0. English Subtitles. 84 minutes
The Movie
Director:Takashi Miike
Starring:Kenichi Endo, Shungiku Uchida, Shoko Nakahara, Kazushi Watanabe, Fujiko, Jun Muto
Screenplay: Itaru Era
Music: Koji Endo
Tagline: Takashi Miike's most insane film yet!
Country: Japan
Shot before Ichi The Killer but released in the same year, Visitor Q is a $70,000 made on digital wonder that also didn't make it into the Melbourne International Filmfest (rescued instead by MUFF) which may be some sort of active indicator as to the standard of film we're talking about here.

Besides the maximum terroraustralis rating I apply below, Visitor Q is also a 3D film, that is: demented, deranged and depraved. Here's why: The opening subtitle poses the question: "Have you ever done it with your Dad?" as a teenage girl strips for a handheld camera. The camera operator fingers her before she takes his picture, gives him a run down of prices for sexual activities, and gets him to strip and expose his genitals for digital masking. He goes down on her as she snaps some more stills. Don't tell anyone he says. He ejaculates prematurely to which she proceeds to taunt him and promptly double her expenses. When he doesn't have the complete payment he says he'll pass it on to her Mum when he's got it. Next subtitle question, just before the main titles is, "Have you ever been hit on the head?" This question is answered immediately when the male from the last scene is shown sitting listlessly at a public transport shelter as another guy, the titular visitor, can be seen in the background examining a rock. Q opens a sliding window and casually knocks out the first guy. Next question is, "Have you ever hit your mum?" which takes us inside a house to where a woman with bruised hands is working on a complex jigsaw puzzle. A teenage boy with a wooden rug beater storms in and immediately applies it to the woman who pleads for him not to hit her in the face. The boy leaves after knocking her around the room and is lying on his bed when voices from outside call for him just as they launch a full scale skyrocket attack on his room. Meanwhile, downstairs, Mum is cooking up some smack to stick in her thigh. Dad arrives home with Visitor Q who's going to stay a while. After the mother serves them food the sounds of her receiving further beatings from the kid reverberate through the house. Q watches TV. A video shows Dad having a microphone shoved up his arse. Mum attends to her wounds and limps off to work. Dad meets a girl from his work in a restaurant and she tells him the microphone rape scene had gone to air. Dad is keen to pitch his idea for a reality TV show called Real Bullying but the woman remains uninterested and walks out. Mum, it transpires, works in a brothel, principally to support her habit. A customer likes her limp. He inspects all her scars. At home Q milks Mum. Her son watches as milk spurts everywhere. When the son throws his noodle bowl at her she retaliates with a knife. The fireworks gang return and Dad films their new attack, rapt that his house is being destroyed. Q grabs the camera and films the son being ordered to shit while he's tied up with barbed wire. The daughter slaps Dad and runs away. Dad strangles the female work colleague that he'd previously met while he masturbates her. Q mans the camera. The gal dies. Mum is in a garbage bag milking herself in front of Q. Dad marks out the dead girl for dissection. Dad is speaking to camera when he discovers he gets horny while watching his son get bullied. He decides to have it off with the corpse. The corpse shits itself and Dad gets his dick stuck in it. Mum comes to the rescue by going down the shops to pick up some oil to separate them. Dad and the corpse are in the bath. Mum hits up Dad. Dad finally parts with the corpse only to have his son attacked in the yard by the firecracker gang. Dad attacks with a handsaw and gets one kid in the head. Mum goes back to the shop for some deodorizer. The dead bodies are put in a trunk and Mum and Dad cut up the dead girl together.

Out on the street the daughter bumps into Q. She asks if he wants sex but he picks up a rock. The daughter arrives home to find Dad sucking on Mum's tit in the backyard while they're wrapped in plastic. The daughter is very happy with this scene and joins in. A psychedelic folk song with a female voice fills the soundtrack (Bubble of Water by Real Time).
Shot on tape with minimal lighting Visitor Q is often and literally as difficult to look at as some of the acts it depicts.
Presented in Dolby stereo, 5.1 surround, and DTS, Visitor Q makes great use of strange sounds. There's a constant eerie wail that enters many scenes and remains as disturbing as much of the imagery. The use of the psych-folk song is almost comforting.
Extra Features
The Verdict
There's nothing supernatural about Visitor Q but it's all natural and it's all super especially if you like deeply twisted and perverted films that travel to the beat of their own drum machine. Visitor Q leaves much of itself open to personal interpretation and other than urge you to road test it at your own peril don't do it in the presence of your own mother.
Movie Score
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