Seed of Chucky (2004)
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Universal (USA). Region 1, NTSC. 1.85:1 (16:9 enhanced). English DD 5.1 English DTS 5.1. English, Spanish, French Subtitles. 87 minutes
The Movie
Director:Don Mancini
Starring: Jennifer Tilly, Redman, Hannah Spearritt, John Waters, Billy Boyd (as the voice of Glen) and Brad Dourif (as the voice of Chucky)
Screenplay: Don Mancini
Country: USA
Child's Play has created one of horror's most notorious slashers, Chucky, and spawned four sequels, Child's Play 2, Child's Play 3, Bride of Chucky and now Seed of Chucky. From its debut in 1988, to 2004, Chucky has been scaring audiences, and later making us laugh, for almost two decades. And unlike many horror franchises, the series' continuity has remained intact, and the storylines have always been new and pleasing. After Bride in 1998, a new killer doll was introduced, and humour was injected effectively into the story. Seed of Chucky had a lot to live up to, and yet still maintain an original and enjoyable story. Don Mancini, the series creator/writer and now debut director, successfully achieved this goal by creating the goriest and funniest movie in the series, and adding yet another new doll to the mix!

Seed of Chucky is the fifth installment in the Child's Play series, which this time centres on Chucky's newly formed family. The movie begins with Glen who we find out to be Chucky and Tiffany's gender confused offspring, who was introduced briefly during the finale of the last movie. After he finds and brings back to life Chucky and Tiffany, they realise that a movie is being made about the two in Hollywood, with actress Jennifer Tilly (also the voice of Tiffany) playing Tiffany's human form. Determined to get out of their bodies, Chucky and Tiffany decide Jennifer Tilly and rapper-turned-director Redman will make the perfect bodies to start a new and glamorous life. However, the family is torn apart when Glen questions the motives for killing, with Tiffany struggling to stop and Chucky's refusal to spare innocent lives.

Seed of Chucky is by far the goriest and funniest installment in the ever-popular series, and continues the common theme of body swapping, but this time makes it all the more interesting with the ironic twist of Tilly and the now added bonus of Glen.

Don Mancini has crafted one of the better horror series to grace our screens. Because of Mancini as the one writer, obviously passionate about his series, the continuity throughout has never missed a beat. The stories evolve in a natural way, and it was only a matter of time before a killer doll could still be scary, so a decision was made to turn the series into a horror comedy. Mancini understands audience needs, and has been able to adapt his characters to what the fans want. Seed's humour and gore only excite the audience's passion for the series, making this one of the best Child's Play movies to date.

Child's Play is known for its cruel humour and violent deaths, but Seed takes the cake. As I've mentioned before, this is by far the most grisly of the series. With more inventive deaths and blood pumping from sliced arteries, Seed was a delight to see, especially with the now 'oh-so-fashionable' PG-13 horror movies. It's good to see a fan favorite still has the guts to make us squirm. And Seed definitely delivers; from its inventive and violent deaths to one of the better decapitations I've seen in a while!

As with the story's humour, the inclusion of Jennifer Tilly playing herself is somewhat brilliant. Mancini, who understands horror movies can get old and fast, has decided to take his series into a more comedic direction. Instead of little Andy as the hero from the previous movies, now Chucky has become the onscreen eye candy. Obviously he's not nearly as scary as he once was, so the addition of humour has worked extremely well. The jokes between Tiffany and Jennifer Tilly was very entertaining, and helped make the camp value of this movie more entertaining.

Seed of Chucky is definitely one of those movies you have to watch on many levels. The nostalgia, story, gore and humour all make this movie an instant fan favorite.
Universal delivered a great transfer for Seed of Chucky. More likely due to the film being so recent, the transfer is crystal clear with no grain or noticeable blemishes. Colours are presented well, especially blood, which is brought to life with a nice mixture of reds. The print is undamaged and very clean, making it excellent for viewing, especially when compared with some of the earlier, dirtier and grainier movies. This transfer is pretty much what you'd expect from a brand new movie released on DVD.
The disc contains both Dolby Digital 5.1 surround and a DTS 5.1 soundtrack. I'm too poor to own DTS compatible speakers, but the DD5.1 sounds excellent. The sound is dispersed well throughout the speakers. Dialogue is central with the score coming through the surround speakers, and the back speakers are used for added sound effects and other exciting tid bits. It is not the most engaging audio on DVD, but the movie doesn't require it to be. Sound is presented clearly and very well for the movie.
Extra Features
This is of course a review for the Region 1 Unrated DVD, which contains a plethora of extras not seen on the standard Region 1 Rated or Australian Region 4 DVD. On this disc, there is an additional commentary track and numerous added extras. Oh, and that little thing probably not worth mentioning – it's unrated and extended.

Yep, the movie has one whole added scene near the end, and a few extra and or alternative dialogue sequences, along with a "firsthand look at Chucky's dirtiest deed." (No pun intended) The runtime is only a fraction longer, a whole extra minute. The 'unrated and fully extended' tagline seems more like a marketing ploy than an actual promise. But with that said, it's always good to see the little things that you weren't allowed to see before hand. Gore wise though, the movie was not cut as far as I can tell.

There are two commentary tracks, one with writer/director Don Mancini and star Jennifer Tilly. This is the standard commentary track found on all releases. Mancini joins up with puppet guru and effects coordinator Tony Gardner (who plays himself in the film) for the exclusive commentary track on unrated discs only.

The best feature on is the 'Conceiving the Seed of Chucky' documentary, which is a behind the scenes look at the making of the movie, with cast and crew interviews and detail on the series from the get go.

Next best is the 'slashed scene' (unrated exclusive), which contains a deleted scene from the movie, with one of the better-known little actresses Debbie Carrington. This is a fun little scene, it's a shame the original plot point couldn't be kept.

'Chucky's Insider Facts' on Demand are a series of "over 150 trivia facts you never wanted to know about Chucky." They play as subtitles throughout the movie.

'Tilly on the Tonight Show' is an entertaining, yet unfortunately brief segment produced to appear on the Tonight Show. It is a fictitious account of Tilly's time while spent filming in Romania. This is the most disappointing of the features, because it would have been much better to include the actual interview that followed.

However, Jennifer Tilly's diary is a great little addition, which in written form, is a humorous look at the development and production of Seed. A similar feature appeared on the Bride of Chucky DVD, and this is a must read!

'Fuzion Up Close with the Seed of Chucky Stars' is an interesting yet short series of interviews conducted with the actors and characters from the movie. It isn't very informative though, just a plug for the movie.

The rest are somewhat pointless features, including 'Heeeeere's Chucky,' a short, possibly made for DVD feature, which has an interview with Chucky about his earlier film projects (all fiction). There's the 'Family Hell-iday Slide Show' which is another made for DVD feature which shows stills of the family's tour around the world, narrated by Chucky, Tiffany and Glen.

Finally are the obligatory trailers (which I like! I think all DVDs should have a mixture of trailers) and some storyboard to final film comparisons. Cast and crew filmographies are also included.
The Verdict
Seed of Chucky is a must for all Chucky fans, horror fans, and those seeking an entertaining flick. It's fast, funny, gory and scary. It has all you want from a 20 year old series and more. The storyline is surprisingly simple, yet is pushed forward by its obvious nostalgia and fan base, and the kills are a pleasure for all gore hounds, and the unrated factor, great picture and audio quality, along with some decent extras make this DVD a must have for all Chucky fans. Unfortunately Australians miss out on all the added good stuff, so I do suggest importing. But the movie by itself is still a must have!
Movie Score
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