Fangoria: Blood Drive (2004)
By: J.R. McNamara on August 2, 2005  |  Comments  |  Bookmark and Share
Simitar Australia (USA Import) All Regions, NTSC. 4:3. English DD 2.0. 61 minutes
The Movie
Directors: BC Furtney, Patrick Rea, Ryan Jones, Drew Rist, Christopher S. Garetano, Joel Robertson, Chip Gubera
Starring: Bryan Massey, Luisa McDaniel, Cliff Stanley, Lisa Bitran, Jesse King, Laura Leigh Hofrichter, Melanie Bachbaum, Steve Williams
Tagline: 'By the Fans…For the Fans'
Country: USA
Towards the end of 2003, Koch Vision in association with Fangoria, held a short (less than 13 minute) horror movie competition. This competition was open to all levels of skill, and was judged on creativity, commerciality and technical merit. The contest closed on December 31st 2003, and a few months later, The Fangoria Blood Drive DVD was born. The DVD contains the top seven contestants, including the winner, and a few special added features filmed for this DVD.

The DVD is hosted by Rob Zombie, whose cheeky introductions are quite funny, and if you go to the DVD credits menu, you will find a bloopers reel of his performance.

The Short Films are as follows:

The Hitch. You know the story, lonely highway, hitchhiker, truck, but with a great twist.

A Man and his Finger. A silly tale of a man who's accidentally severed finger takes on a life of its own. What's really weird about this tale is that the director has POV shots from the finger, which apparently sees in Predator vision.

Inside. A barely cohesive collection of video images that form a story of evil escaping the basement of a house to invade the occupants minds and cause them to commit suicide.

Shadows of the Dead. Romero's world mixed with Resident Evil. The dead return as flesh-eating ghouls, due to a massive radiation leak, this story deals with a doctor who is not coping with the zombie invasion and his eventual fate.

Mr. Eryams. The competition winner. A mysterious house, a haunted girl, and a strange man sent by the church to investigate the strange happenings…or is he?

Disturbances. The story of a haunted woman, who may or may not be a child murderer, or is she just going mad?

Song of the Dead. Zombie. Musical. Please, help them…

The quality of the films are fairly uneven, but you can't be too critical of entries in a competition. At least they are giving it a go and there are certainly some original ideas, and new spins on old ones. Who knows maybe one of these guys will be the next Hooper or Croenenberg?
When it comes down to it, these are short films are made at home on unprofessional commercial equipment, but still, the quality is pretty good, all in 4x3.
Again, the sound is pretty good, but because of the equipment it is made with, it obviously will not give the old sub-woofer a big blowout. This whole disc is in good old fashion stereo, but Dolby Digital Sound never the less (so the packaging claims).
Extra Features
Clive Barker's Abarat: the Artist's Passion is an interesting look into the creation of Barker's Abarat that lasts about 15 minutes. Cigar smoking and gravel voiced Barker talks in great detail about how he approaches his art and how a large range of paintings has completely influenced his writing of the Abarat books.

The Genius of Stan Winston in a fairly informative, if not unimpressive talk with Stan Winston (Jurassic Park, Aliens, Predator) about his history in Hollywood. I say this is unimaginative as it is just a static camera focused on his face for 30 minutes.

The Easter Egg, which I won't tell you where it is, although Zombie makes it hidden position quite clear, is a 12 minute look at Winston's creative quarters. Titled Inside Stan Winston's Studio, Winston's static interview is cross cut with a strolling tour of the studio by Shane Mahan, special effects supervisor.

This disc also has weblinks for Fangoria, Koch Vision, Clive Barker, Stan Winston Studio, Rob Zombie and House of 1000 Corpses.
The Verdict
The back of this DVD has a big blurb that says 'By the Fans…For the Fans', and that is exactly what it is. Amateur horror films that entertain, even if just for the "I could do better than that" factor. Well, can you? Give it a go, who knows, maybe you are the next Fulci or Lynch.
Movie Score
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