Hide and Creep (2005)
By: Michael Helms on July 27, 2005  |  Comments  |  Bookmark and Share
Asylum (USA). Region 1, NTSC. 1.85:1 (16:9 enhanced). English DD 5.1 English DD 2.0. 85 minutes
The Movie
Director: Chuck Hartsell & Chance Shirley,
Starring:Barry Austin, Melissa Bush, Chris Garrison, Chuck Hartsell, Kyle Holman, Michael Shelton, John Walker
Screenplay: Chance Shirley
Country: USA
For the second year in a row zombie films are stumbling into view en masse. This funny z- flick hails from Alabama and takes the resurrection of the flesh-eating living dead to it's natural bloody extremes and does it all over itself.

After a shocking (male) nude opening we settle into a zombie attack on the local video shop. The tape jockey is answering phone questions explaining the finer points of z-flicks when the battle commences. A screwdriver goes into an ear while Night Of The Living Dead Pops out of a VCR that falls to the floor during the initial scuffle. The police won't answer our hapless hero's call so he drops a zombie body into the local cop shop. Nude guy gets propositioned by a guy in a car who wants to give him a blow job. Product placement includes an anti-Pepsi rant. Zombies raid a church and nude guy explains how a UFO had landed the previous night when he and his girlfriend where having sex in the local cemetery. A Homelands Defence Department guy turns up and attempts to take control of the situation but only manages to have a strip torn off the back of his skull orally by a zombie. Instead, the receptionist at the cop shop has had enough and gets assertive leading a motley crew into zombie evasion and eradication.

Meanwhile zombification comes to the local strip club and the strippers start eating each other. Machetes and body burning come into play but it all grinds to halt when nude guy's girlfriend drops from the sky and begins to talk longingly of the anal probe she'd just experienced at the hands of the aliens who had obviously caused the latest zombie outbreak. It all ends with a little girl biting her Dad's hand.
At times grungy Hide and Creep stays sharp most of the time only revealing it's lack of time and budget on some of the zombie make-ups.
Plenty of homegrown country rock gives Hide and Creep an ambience of it's own that propels it along and perfectly sets up some of the often comical scenarios.
Extra Features
Directors commentary and nine and a half minutes of Behind A Scene Of Hide And Creep documentary. They get full marks for making it revolve around the strip club nude murder scene. Also includes the three minute short from 2002 that set the tone and style for Hide and Creep.
The Verdict
Sharing a comic tone similar to Shaun Of The Dead lets Hide And Creep display and question elements of zombie cinema that remain under-developed. One scene for example, shows a zombie sitting in a diner considering whether it'd be good to munch on his own hand as he succumbs to full zombiefication. The gore led by a great split skull effect is also inventive as is the alien approach to the entire proceedings. A minor zombie-classic that's definitely worth seeking out.
Movie Score
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