Vampires: Out For Blood (2002)
By: Michael Helms on July 1, 2005  |  Comments  |  Bookmark and Share
Imagine Entertainment (Australia). Region PAL. PAL. 1.85:1 (16:9 enhanced). English DD 5.1. 91 minutes
The Movie
Director: Richard Brandes
Starring:Kevin Dillon, Jodi Lyn O'Keefe, Lance Henrikson, Vanessa Angel, Melissa Rivers
Screenplay: Richard Brandes
Music: Stephen Gurevitch
Tagline:It takes one to kill one
Country: USA
Told in flashback from Kevin Dillon's prison cell to a psychiatrist, Out For Blood unfolds (without 'Vampires' in the title) as it centres on Dillon's relationship to his ex-wife Susan (Vanessa Angel), who happens to be a vampire expert and his accidental uncovery of a vampire pack during the course of his work as a cop on a missing person's case.

Dillon is immediately established as a hard case when he knocks out a mugger with a gun in a Ramones t-shirt and is reprimanded for it by his boss, Lance Henrikson, who's sleepwalking through another minor character part but at least gets to throw around a few good lines like, "Wake up and smell the attorneys', before also advising Dillon to go and get laid. Dillon is soon checking out a night spot that has the song Out For Blood pumping through its sound system and which looks like the old Hellfire Club on a very quiet night. A gal punching out a guy catches his eye and Dillon in turn catches her glowing orbs as she hits him with the sassy pick up line, "Do you want to fuck me?" Dillon doesn't decline and tags along back to a venue inside a deserted building that more accurately resembles Hellfire. Mini S&M dramas are breaking out all over and tops are being dropped left and right when the place suddenly erupts in a vampire feeding frenzy. Dillon responds by pulling a gun and firing indiscriminately which attracts the attention of the demonoid lead vampire. The 700 year old known as the Master promptly sinks his fangs into Dillon's neck before a torn curtain ushers in the morning sun and the vampire crew swiftly take their leave.

Dillon wakes with holes in his neck and the inability to convince anyone regarding the vampire orgy. He's quickly relieved of his badge. Despondent, Dillon is approached by Layla (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe) the original vampire girl who confirms his worst suspicions that he's been bitten. Layla actually lays a vampire sales pitch on him that includes the line, "Undead head is un-fucking believable", just before she bites off the tongue off an inquiring cop in the films major gore scene.

Dillon soon becomes the subject of an intervention by Susan who believes his predicament and wants to use it as the plot for her next book. Breaking out her anti-vampire briefcase they survive an attack in a seedy Motel that sees a decapitation performed with a lamp stand. The collagen enhanced Van Helsing and Dillon then go on the offensive themselves which takes them back to the abandoned building and a meeting with the Master and his electronically altered voice. After the Master bites Susan we're introduced to an innovation in vampire lore that says everyone he's bitten will die if he is killed. This momentarily sets back Dillon but doesn't completely stave off the inevitable massive explosion. Back in the prison cell Dillon stakes Susan who doesn't register on the CC TV as the psychiatrist watches on and Lance Henrikson steps back in for the final twist.
Shot with an eye to the perfunctory you soon find yourself focussing on unneccesary things like Susan's lips and straining to see the make-up effects work of John Carl Buechler, the special effects artist turned director turned make-up effects artist who was once much favoured by Charles Band but whose work is mainly kept in the dark here.
Unspectacular surround sound presentation that sounds like stereo hardly gives the rear speakers any sort of work-out but at least you're unlikely to miss any of the snappy dialogue.
Extra Features
None besides trailers for a trio of Imagine Entertainment products.
The Verdict
A generic vampire film that adds little but takes a lot in terms of the patience to sit through it and many urban vampire flicks that've come before it. This is a pity for Kevin Dillon who hasn't had such prominence in the horror field since that great year in the 80s when he headed the remake of The Blob and the last film of Jeff Lieberman Remote Control before Lieberman himself returned from the dead with the superb Satan's Little Helper. Not awful, Vampires: Out For Blood just isn't interesting.
Movie Score
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