The Killbillies (2001)
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Cryptkeeper (UK). All Regions, NTSC. 1.77:1 (Non-anamorphic). English 2.0. 77 minutes
The Movie
Director: Duke Hendrix
Starring: Boy Boy, Sven Jonnsen, Duke Hendrix, Leon Fish, Ringo Ray, Tom Simmons, Goldie Styles, Tiddles Walker
Screenplay: Duke Hendrix, Leon Fish, Ringo Ray
Country: Australia
Just imagine for one freaked out, mushroom tinged moment that John Waters decided to shoot Deliverance for his first film after an Ed Wood script rewrite, all for under the budget of Edith Massey's breakfast. Scary isn't it? Therefore dear readers we bring you The Killbillies, a true blue, ridgy didge, Aussie film shot on Digital video in Sydney's Centennial Park, that tries to put the wood back in backwoods.

The story, or what there is of it, tells the tale of two feuding family's the Lowbourne's and the McCoy's, who have been at fisticuffs after an unfortunate incident in which the Lowbourne's prize hog ate grandma McCoy. In retaliation Pa McCoy sends out his mentally challenged sons, Boy and Raymond to fix the McCoys wagon for good (and also in the hopes that Boy will finally become a man). Along their journey they encounter other Inbreds, bestiality, Aliens, and the odd spot of Zombie horizontal folk dancing. The majority of the cast wears masks either because they play other characters in the film as well, don't want to be recognized among the depravity or just to add some plain ol' Leatherface weirdness. They have also adopted Hillbilly, southern twanged accents which they actually pull off quite well for amateurs although in my opinion it would have worked just as well using their own Aussie ones.

The film is mostly a comedy although they wear their influences on their sleeves in this Slapstick, hillbilly horror hybrid. Highlights include Ed and Earl "Craptracking" (you'll know what I mean when you see it), a jive talking, foul mouthed Zombie baby and copious amounts of Hillbilly humour that coats the film like a blood caked syringe. Unfortunately for the viewer though not much really happens action wise and most of the films time is spent with the family's sitting around reciting shitty stories.
The Killbillies is released on DVD by English company Cryptkeeper and looks about as good as a shot on video ever could, which in this case is quite good.
The Killbillies comes with a single English Dolby Digital 2.0 mono soundtrack but alas for me one of the best things about the film is the awesome surf rock soundtrack supplied by The Atlantics and Aloha's. Due to the nature of this film though perhaps some Bluegrass or old rockabilly would of been more appropriate.
Extra Features
The Features contained on this disc consist of just a trailer, scene selections and outtakes, which prove quite amusing.
The Verdict
Due to its limitations - i.e. a budget lower than one of my weekend drug binges and the fact that this is their first foray into filmmaking, it isn't really all that bad. Compared with other low budget fare around at the moment I think they could have pushed the envelope a little further, and also remembered that on most occasions, plot the movie makes. More action would of spiced things up a little and the film fares a lot better when you're fucked off your tits. Despite all this I still recommend it to trash film aficionado's and fans of low budget filmmaking, and I dearly hope their next feature Bloodspit fares a little better. Like the cover says - "Have taste"…
Movie Score
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