Frozen (2010)
By: Devon B. on August 15, 2012  | 
Momentum | Region B | 2.40:1, 1080p | English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 | 93 minutes (Full Specs)
The Movie
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Director: Adam Green
Starring: Shawn Ashmore, Emma Bell, Kevin Zegers
Screenplay: Adam Green
Country: USA
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I'm not a big fan of Hatchet, but I was curious when I heard its writer/director Adam Green had gone the Hitchcock route and made a psychological horror movie about people stuck in a chairlift. I wasn't sure Green, a director I wouldn't have classified as subtle, would be able to handle this sort of film. My expectations rose immediately when I saw the back cover of Frozen because it has a picture of a snarling wolf. I knew right away that this movie shouldn't be called Frozen, it should be called I'm Cold and There are Wolves After Me! Way to drop the ball there, Green.

I'm Cold and There are Wolves After Me starts with three people who scam a day's skiing by bribing a lift operator. The three aren't the tightest bunch because there's a guy, his partner and his best friend, but the trouble is the partner and best friend don't really click. The guy's not having the best day, but things get much worse when they try to hit the slopes one extra time and the lift stops on its way up the mountain. The trio have been overlooked, and the mountain is closing for the week. Trapped, the three have to work out how to survive the next five days without freezing to death. Or peeing.

The first, and probably most important, question with a film like this is "Is it realistic?" The answer is thankfully yes. The escape option most people would probably think to try first is eliminated using truthful information. Some people have questioned the logic of one character's actions, and while it's not what I would've done (or at least not how I would've done it), I could certainly believe that someone would behave in that manner. The characters face psychological and physical threats, not unlike those in Open Water. The difference in I'm Cold and There are Wolves After Me is that the cold will definitely kill them before anything else unless they take action. Action which might pit them against wolves! Have I mentioned there are wolves? There are! And they're real wolves, not stupid CG wolves!

I don't have a fear of heights, but I hate the cold and the idea of sitting on a chairlift for a week is the stuff of nightmares for me. In fact, I gave up skiing at an early age simply because I couldn't handle the chill. The film captures the frostiness of the situation, and also shows the frustration, rage, humiliation and tension that people in this situation might feel. There is a bit of comedy in the film as well, and while at times it's awkward there're quite a few genuinely funny lines. The acting is generally good, even from the supports, and the leads held my attention even when they were just sitting around hangin' out. I actually didn't initially watch I'm Cold and There are Wolves After Me with the intention of reviewing it, so I rewatched it to discuss the film accurately (as in not describe it as a non-stop wolf-fest), and there were a bunch of little details that popped out on that second viewing to make the movie more interesting. All of the film's shortcomings are linked directly to a lack of budget, and there really isn't much in the way of shortcomings at any rate. This is a well thought out, well realised, well done movie.

Keep an eye out for a cameo by Kane Hodder. If he suited up as Jason and fought wolves, that would be the best Friday the 13th ever.
I'm Cold and There are Wolves After Me is a lower budget movie, so the Blu-ray isn't gonna compete with a Hollywood blockbuster, but the image is still good. There is a light layer of grain present throughout the film, and it does become noticeable a few times. Detail's usually strong and the transfer handles the darks well. There's a little bit of macroblocking, edge enhancement and trailing, but most of the time the presentation is solid. The cast are often flushed with cold, so colour accuracy can are a bit tough to gauge, but most of the time the colours look natural.
The audio doesn't always have a lot to do since this movie's essentially three people on a ski lift, but there're swirling winds, echoes off the mountain and wolves (!!) howling in the distance.
Extra Features
Trailers play on start up for Beneath Hill 60 and Brooklyn's Finest. There's also a Snickers ad. Normally I wouldn't classify a Snickers ad as an extra, but this one has Mr. T in it so it automatically becomes the best extra on the disc.

For extras directly relating to I'm Cold and There are Wolves After Me there's a making of, deleted scenes, a short ghost story, the trailer and two commentary tracks (not three as stated on the cover). The extensive making of is divided into four parts, and the first three run about 11 minutes each and cover the film's origins; the cast and characters, which ads some insight into the film; and cinematography and production design. The final part is over 50 minutes long and is a general behind the scenes. This is the one that has the wolves in it, so it is second only to the Mr. T ad as the disc's best extra. The three deleted scenes are presented with optional commentary, and the first two are fine but were cut for pacing reasons. They do make it clear that this is an Xmas movie, though. The deleted scene a lot of Green's fans will want to see is wolf related carnage which was shot just in case some distributors insisted on gore, but was never intended to be in the film. The first commentary track has Green and stars Shawn Ashmore and Kevin Zegers, with Emma Bell arriving about 25 minutes in. They say they don't want info to repeat too much, but because so much is covered in the making of it does repeat a bit. Usually additional information is provided whenever a topic is revisited, and the track does provide more character insight and go into what filming was like for the cast. The two male stars are real life friends, which helps keep the track going, and it's a good listen. There's also a more technical track with Green, cinematographer Will Barratt and editor Ed Marx. This track covers some real life skiing horror stories, including one that's fairly similar to what happens in the movie. There was still plenty of stuff to discuss in this additional commentary because this is an interesting movie. I give credit to the wolves for that. I wanted to hear more about them.
The Verdict
I'm sure there are naysayers out there, but fuck 'em 'cause this movie has wolves. It would make a funny double bill with the more philosophical The Grey, but I'm not sure which one I like more because they both have wolves. I like wolves.
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