Born to Raise Hell (2010)
By: Devon B. on March 31, 2012  | 
Optimum (UK) | Region B | 1.85:1, 1080p | English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 | 97 minutes (Full Specs)
The Movie
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Director: Lauro Chartrand
Starring: Steven Seagal, Dan Badarau, Darren Shahlavi, George Remes, Madalina Mariescu
Screenplay: Steven Seagal
Country: USA
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Ever since Entrapment where Sean Connery was like 70 and Catherine Zeta-Jones, his love interest, was 30, I've had trouble with the older man/younger woman Hollywood cliché. Clint Eastwood didn't help matters when he starred in Blood Work as a 72 year old man who woos a woman nearly 30 years his junior. Now in almost any movie with a male lead older than 30, I get distracted when his love interest is introduced and I think, "She's way too young for him." It's one thing when the leading man might still have some sort of je ne sais quoi that might attract a younger woman, but when the older man is an out of shape, shambling, misogynistic, Chia Pet headed idiot, my cringe response goes into overdrive.

In Steven Seagal is Born to Raise Hell, Steven Seagal is again a fat guy with a ridiculous hairpiece. He's working for some sort of international drug task force, and has a much younger love interest, which should give hope to all fat, old men. He doesn't want her to realise she's dating a fat guy, so he keeps his large coat on at all times, even when they're having sex. Eventually some cop dies and Stevie goes out for revenge and fights a bunch of people. The cop dying happens latter in the movie, but without that detail I've got no synopsis. There're some Russians feuding with some Gypsies, but honestly nothing really amounts to much.

I had high hopes for Steven Seagal is Born to Raise Hell because Stevie wrote the morally ambiguous script all by himself, but instead of a cracking comedy I got a boring police drama. The film's genuine attempts at humour are simplistic, but at least when it was trying to be serious there was some comedy gold that could be found. Stevie's office appears to be a table at the side of a room, and some guy stores his motorcycle inside just so it can crash through a window. Both the high and lowlight of the film would have to be the mocking of a genre cliché that Steven Seagal is Born to Raise Hell then uses in an incredibly ham fisted way. Sadly, aside from these few moments, there weren't the laugh out loud gags I've come to expect from Stevie.

Some people don't watch Stevie movies for jokes, and for them there's still not a lot of fun here. Stevie isn't doubled too much, but for the most part his fights moves seem like harsh slapping. He does call a lot of people "bitch" so maybe he's demoing the rarely seen Aikido technique known as bitch slap?

Not much as an actioner, not much as a comedy, Steven Seagal is Born to Raise Hell is a lacklustre effort on both counts.
While the movie does have some moments of startling clarity, mostly it's not great. There's smearing, herky jerky judders, black crush and macroblocking. The movie looks low budget, and the colours are a bit lifeless, though this last thing may have been intentionally done to tone down Stevie's skin's orange hue. I've seen DVDs that looked better than this Blu-ray.
5.1 DTS-HD Mater Audio or LPCM 2.0 mixes are available. The 5.1 is better but the 2.0 would be okay if you only have a 2.0 setup. The 5.1 mix is okay and has some depth, but it's fairly ordinary.
Extra Features
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The Verdict
Neither the film or the Blu-ray are stunning, so this would be one for Stevie completists only. There're certainly some chuckles, but the movie has so little happening in terms of story and action that it's ultimately dull.
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