Metalocalypse - Season 3: The Dead Man (2009)
By: Captain Red Eye on June 29, 2011  | 
Madman | Region B | 1.85:1, 1080p | English Dolby TrueHD 5.1 | 217 minutes (Full Specs)
The Movie
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Director: Jon Schnepp
Starring: Brendon Small, Tommy Blacha
Screenplay: Brendon Small, Tommy Blacha
Country: USA
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The world's favourite long-haired purveyors of aural ass-kickery are back, their infantile antics, in-fighting and hard livin' rock god lifestyle captured in glorious HD for the first time.

This time around the five feisty Nords of Dethklok decide to counter the economic climate by holding the world's most expensive concert, replete with solid crystal posters and 'pentuple priced' tickets that encapsulate their ethos that, to quote vocalist Nathan Explosion, the recession 'is an asshole.' The band also deal with the apparent death of their long-time manager Charles Offdensen by indulging in an orgy of fiscal mismanagement, which includes spending $85.5 million dollars converting acres of grain silos into giant Doritos dispensers and $12 million on 'scream activated lighting,' though they also find time for philosophical introspection, as when Pickle informs Toki he hasn't spoken about Offdensen's death because 'admitting sadness makes you gay.'

Meanwhile cunning Damien Cornickleson, son of the terminally ill Crystal Mountain Records owner and heir to his lucrative empire, has assumed control of the band's record label and is desperate to avenge an incident that took place years before. He informs Dethklok they will need to drastically renegotiate their contract in favour of Crystal Mountain and can forget any ideas they made have had of holding their much-anticipated gig.

The band is also forced to deal with a considerable fan backlash at their mindless spending and apparent disdain for the common man, a charge which prompts bassist William Murderface to drop his trousers during a television recording and inform everyone in the world to 'suck our trillionaire cocks.' Could Dethklok's run at the top finally be over? Not likely. The band's loyal entourage of Klokateers merely kidnap everyone present at the taping, subject them to 'mental reprogramming' and facial reconstruction surgery, dump their bodies out of a moving vehicle and destroy all footage of the taping. Crisis averted! The trillionaire quintet then attempt to distance themselves from their celebrity status by joining the tribute band Thunderhorse and touring like a regular band, though needless to say they soon return to the ultra-luxury of their floating fortress Mordhaus, seemingly without having learned anything approaching a valuable lesson in the process.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Season 3 is replete with as much bloodshed, whoredom and miscreantology as could possibly be hoped for, and Dethklok's appetite for near-total destruction, pleasingly, appears to be wholly undiminished. Each of the season's 10 episode now runs 21 minutes instead of the former 11, leaving more room for character and story development, and with characters and storylines as bizarre as this that can only be a good thing. It isn't subtle, but it sure is fun.
Visually the series is as pleasing on the eye as a skanked-up blonde in too-tight leathers with just a hint of boob peering from the side of her faded Aerosmith singlet. It looks impeccable on Blu and the 1080p transfer is pristine throughout, with plenty of detail and abundantly rich colourification. If that's even a word.
The songs themselves are as genius as ever, though their oft-indecipherable lyrics are no longer subtitled like they were on the DVDs. Much like aforementioned blonde the TrueHD 5.1 audio is a little top heavy, but although the rear speakers often don't get as much of a workout as they should the dialogue, and more importantly the songs themselves, are always clear and robust.
Extra Features
The promised 'sixty billion gallons of raw, unrefined extras' proves only a slight embellishment. There are over 40 minutes of Deleted and Extended Scenes, four Klokateer Recruitment Videos (7:24) and five pretty freakin' brilliant Dethklok Music Videos. Lastly there's a feature that's strictly for the diehards: Nathan Explosion reads from Othello. For over 40 minutes the gravelly-voiced frontman slowly and lovingly recounts the exploits of the Moor, his wife Desdemona and the dastardly Iago. Explosion clearly has a great love of Shakespeare and his careful, resonant exposition both puts one in mind of Olivier and breathes new life into the work of the Bard. Actually he thinks Othello is a kind of candy bar and spends most of his time ranting and adding his own inane commentary, but either way it's pretty damn funny.
The Verdict
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The metal genre is no stranger to parody, and they don't come much finer than Metalocalypse. It's the Spinal Tap of the lucrative death metal animation market, and it's never looked better - those ready to get brutal won't be disappointed.

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