2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams (2010)
By: J.R. McNamara on May 11, 2011  | 
Anchor Bay (UK) | Region B | 1.78:1, 1080p | English DD 5.1 | 101 minutes (Full Specs)
The Movie
Cover Art
Director: Tim Sullivan
Starring: Bill Moseley, Lin Shaye, Christa Campbell, Nivek Ogre
Screenplay: Tim Sullivan, Chris Kobin, Christopher Tuffin
Country: USA
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Tim Sullivan is back, and he has brought his vengeful ghosts from the South with him to reap havoc on more damned Yankees in this sequel to his spectacular - yeah that's right, I said spectacular - 2005 remake of H.G. Lewis' 2000 Maniacs. Or was it a sequel, with one more maniac? I am not so sure.

Anyway, this film, 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams sees the people of Pleasant Valley taking their retribution out of town, seeing as how not many people pass by to be slaughtered at this year's Guts and Glory Jamboree, mainly due to the local sheriff removing the 'Detore' (sic...that's 'Detour') sign the maniacs put up to ensnare northerners in their deadly web.

So, Mayor George W. Buckman (this time played by Bill Mosely instead of Robert Englund) and a select group of locals, including returning artists Granny Boone (Lin Shaye), Harper Alexander (played this time by Kevin 'Nivek Ogre' Ogilvie of Skinny Puppy fame instead of Guiseppe Andrews), Hucklebilly (Ryan Fleming), Rufus (Christopher McDaniel), Lester (Adam Robitel), the Milk Maiden (the almost 85 percent botoxed Christa Campbell) along with a few new characters such as troubadours Legend (Clifford Allen Wagner) and Crow (Ahmed Best... oh no, wassa happen to Jar Jar Binks) travel the land in a school bus looking for unsuspecting Northerners on whom they wish to exact their revenge.

What they find, though, is the very worst of humanity in a travelling group of reality show producers. "Road Rascals" is a Paris Hilton style reality show starring sisters Tina and Rome Sheraton (Asa Hope and Katy Marie Johnson) and with them is the lesbiotic producer Val (Andrea Leon), scumbag director Jerry Schmit (Miles Dougal) and a bunch of boring horror movie stereotypes so interchangeable with any other horror film that I can barely even remember which is which from the notes I took while watching the film, though I did make the notes 'token Hispanic named 'Jesus'' and 'token tough Afro-American girl named 'Black cherry'' whose ethnicity clearly make them different from the others.

Anyway, the rest of the film is a jiggle of tit jokes, gay jokes, sex jokes and racial stereotypes, all mixed together with a slathering of sex (including the disturbing image of Lin Shaye wanking a corn in the cob) and a pile of blood, guts and torture as the folk of Pleasant Valley creatively dispatch the Yankees one by one. We do, however, find out why the Southerners do what they do, and it has to do with a voodoo curse, and settling scores.

Now those who know what I like may say,' J.R., did they reach into your mind and make a horror film from your disturbing thoughts?' and the answer is no. This is no horror film. It is a comedy with a horror premise, and a pile of gore and tits thrown in - as Tim Sullivan says: tits are the best special effect!! I might also add that using the word comedy to describe this film might be a stretch. One online source describes a comedy as such: 'Professional entertainment consisting of jokes and satirical sketches, intended to make an audience laugh'. Note the words 'professional', 'entertainment' and 'jokes' have no place here, and if you are wise and read my review carefully, 'audience' won't either.

The replacement of Robert Englund and Guiseppe Andrews was a massive loss to this film. Englund's villainy is replaced with Mosely's ridiculous mugging and it felt as though he went to the R. Lee. Ermy school of acting, whose basic rule is 'Acting is just shouting, good acting is shouting louder.' Also, Andrews' cool Harper Alexander (with a squeaky voice) is destroyed as Ogilvie turns him into a go-go dancing sycophant.
2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams is presented in its original 1.78:1 aspect ratio, and the HD image is excellent image, as one would expect with a more recent Blu-ray release.
Sadly there are no HD options present here with the soundtrack presented in a choice of lossy stereo or Dolby Digital 5.1, though both tracks serve trheir purpose with no apparent aberrations in the quality.
Extra Features
The extras on this disc turn a total disaster into a minor one.

Shock N Roll Slideshow is a stills gallery, which is something I normally would get up in arms about, but this one is different. This BD presents a slideshow with not just pics from the film, but also behind the scenes and promotional bits, including the cover and pages from the 2001 Maniacs comic published by friends of horror comics company Avatar, all with a rocking music accompaniment featuring such songs as Somebody to Fuck and Scream Queen by The United Snakes, Go Zombie by Zombie Girl, The South Will Rise by Psychocharger and Lord, Let Me Help You Decide by Spider Mountain, Bill Moseley's band, and quite possibly the best horror movie track ever. Even though we only get snippets of the songs, there was enough of them played to make me seek out a few of these tracks.

2001 Maniacs: Behind the Screams is one of the better 'making of' styled documentaries I have seen in a while for a low budgeted picture, though Tim Sullivan claiming he has been blessed with great actors is one of the most preposterous comments I had ever heard... seriously, the acting in this film is so bad that I don't even think any of the women could even fake an orgasm. In Sullivan's defence he does claim that his film was more about making a gory comedy, but unfortunately pretty much every joke has been heard before at a pub, usually told by an obnoxious boor, or just isn't funny.

There is also a trailer for the film.

The packaging of this 'Extreme Edition' claims on the back to have a director's commentary, but I am afraid I must be a sheep short of a Deep South gangbang because I searched the disc high and low, and could find nary a trace of it.
The Verdict
Movie Score
Disc Score
Overall Score
2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams is stupid and badly acted by all and sundry, but has just enough gore and nudity to keep most people interested to the end. By my reckoning, Tim Sullivan showed heaps of promise with 2001 Maniacs, but this follow-up he shows that perhaps he is a one trick pony, which is a shame.

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