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November 6
Army of Darkness: Definitive Collection (1992) Via Vision  
Bloody Homecoming (2012) Reel  
Blood of Redemption (2013) Anchor Bay  
Deep Red (1975) Umbrella Entertainment  
November 13
Triad (2012) Pinnacle Films  
November 14
This is the End (2013) Universal Sony  
November 20
Area 407 (2012) Mandala Films  
Badges of Fury (2013) Eastern Eye  
Beyond, The (1981) Cinema Cult  
Burning, The (1981) Cinema Cult  
City of the Living Dead (1980) Cinema Cult  
Community (2012) Monster Pictures  
Conjuring, The (2013) Warner Home Video  
Crawl (2011) Monster Pictures  
Dead & Buried (1981) Cinema Cult  
Hatchet 3 (2013) Accent  
House by the Cemetery, The (1981) Cinema Cult  
John Dies at the end (2012) Madman  
Lifeforce (1985) Cinema Cult  
Lisa & the Devil/House of Exorcism (1974) Cinema Cult  
Maniac (1980) Cinema Cult  
Pacific Rim (2013) Warner Home Video  
Red Scorpion (1988) Monster Pictures  
Sickle (2013) Mandala Films  
Stranded (2013) Eagle Entertainment  
Vampyres (1974) Cinema Cult  
November 27
Atlantic Rim (2013) Pinnacle Films  
Human Race, The (2013) Anchor Bay  
Fragment (2013) Pinnacle Films  
November 28
Carrie (2013) Sony  

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