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July 3
Burn Witch Burn (1962) Cinema Cult  
Charm (2012) Reel  
Crush (2013) Reel  
Driller Killer, The (1979) Cinema Cult  
Grudge, The/The Grudge 2 (2003) Eastern Eye  
Hidden, The (1987) Cinema Cult  
Under the Bed (2012) Reel  
Vanishing Point (1971) Cinema Cult  
White of the Eye (1987) Shock  
July 4
Hard Target (1993) Universal Sony Pictures  
Sudden Death (1995) Universal Sony Pictures  
July 10
Citadel (2012) Pinnacle Films  
Tower Block (2012) Icon  
July 11
Mama (2012) Universal Sony Pictures  
Pacific Rim (2013) Roadshow  
July 17
Airborne (2012) Eagle Entertainment  
Amazing Adventures of the Living Corpse, The (2012) Anchor Bay  
Parker (2013) Hopscotch  
Yeti (2008) Eagle Entertainment  
July 18
Conjuring, The (2013) Warner  
Prank (2012) Accent  
July 22
25th Reich, The (2012) Monster Pictures  
Crawlspace (2012) VM Distribution  
Dead Mine (2013) Rialto Distribution  
Dead Shadows (2012) Mandala Films  
Fallow Field, The (2009) Monster Pictures  
Macabre (2008) Mandala Films  
Masters of the Universe (1987) Umbrella Entertainment  
Sawney: Flesh of Man (2012) Accent  
July 24
Good Day to Die Hard, A (2013) 20th Century Fox  
Tall Man, The (2012) Pinnacle Films  
July 25
Evil Dead (2013) Universal Sony Pictures  
July 31
Last Exorcism Part II, The(2013) Pinnacle Films  

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