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Grow a Pair! Win 1 of 4 Horns DVD & Book Prize Packs Giveaway
'Stonehearst Asylum' DVD Giveaway Giveaway
Romance and Torture Come Together in 'Love of My Life' News
100 Bloody Acres Team Return With Scare Campaign News
Win Double Passes to Myths and Legends on Film at GOMA Giveaway
Aussie Eco-Thriller Long Weekend Headed for US Blu-ray News
Travis Bain's Throwback to Attack DVD Shelves in February News
The Fat Cats Will Pay in Uwe Boll's Assault on Wall Street News
The Dead Walk (and Kick!) in France's 'Goal of the Dead' News
Wading in Filth: An Interview with Cinema Sewer's Robin Bougie Interview
Cairns Premiere Announced for Yowie Powered 'Throwback' News
Robert Englund Confirmed for Oz Comic-Con Melbourne News
Win Brian De Palma's The Fury on Blu-ray Giveaway
Win Jason Statham's Homefront on Blu-ray Giveaway
It's an Easter Feast on ABC2 With Black Water and The Reef News
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The Disco Exorcist and Anti-Social DVDs Up For Grabs Giveaway
King Kong Live on Stage (Regent Theatre, Melbourne) Blog
Win a Copy of Video Nasties: The Definitive Guide Giveaway
Win Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem on Blu-ray Giveaway
Watch the Full Trailer For Neo-Giallo Thriller 'Sororal' News
Bite into the Canberra Premiere of 'Theatre of the Dead' News
Revenge Goes Haywire in Foresight Killer Instinct Feature
Cinema Cult 'Gates of Hell' Blu-ray Giveaway Giveaway
Win Tickets to VHS Resurrection at Monster Fest Giveaway
[Home Invasion] 'Video Nasties' to Corrupt Retail Shelves in December News
'Australiens' Sees the Funny Side of an Alien Apocalypse News
Flying Spider Bats Take Over The World in 'M is for Mutant!' News
Leigh Whannell Introduces Insidious: Chapter 2 Featurette News
First Teaser for Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla News
[Home Invasion] A Rampaging Behemoth Awakens in 'Poseidon Rex' News
Yowie Feature 'Throwback' Gets a Pulp Inspired Poster News
The Wicker Man: Final Cut Coming to Australian Screens News
An Interview with Ben Scrivens of Fright Rags Interview
Horrormathèque Brings New Blood to Hobart News
Popcorn Taxi Presents Curse of Chucky With Director Q&A News
[Home Invasion] The Monsterama Collection Goes HD with Amphibious News
Umbrella Spits Out an Official Patrick Poster News
First Trailer For Glenn Triggs' Apocalyptic News
GOMA Delivers Action, Hong Kong Style News
MUFF Announces Its Full 2013 Line-up News
An American Director in Melbourne: A John Landis Tribute News
Blood, Dames, and Roller Derby! Welcome to Murderdrome News
Baise-moi Denied Classification Once Again News
Sharknado Blows Through Australian Cinema Screens News
'Films That Shocked the World' TV Spots News
[Home Invasion] Axe Giant Puts the Chop on Wayward Youth News
Cannibal Holocaust Coming to Australian TV Screens! News
[Home Invasion] The White House is Under Siege in Olympus Has Fallen News
Board Up Your TV! The Sharknado Hits This Friday News
Wolf Creek 2 in Cinemas Early Next Year News
[Home Invasion] Jason Statham's Parker News
Thrill Me! The Valhalla Delivers 14 Hours of Cult Goodness News
The Release Dates Page is Back! Announcement
[Home Invasion] Yeti Sinks Its Teeth Into the Monsterama Collection News
'Hard Action Sunday' Will End the Week With a Bang! Announcement
Jon Hewitt Prepares to Resurrect Turkey Shoot News
[Home Invasion] 'Dragon Wasps' Serves Up a Swarm Load of Trouble News
[Home Invasion] Corman's Piranhaconda Joins the Monsterama Collection News
The Fur Will Fly When MHFS Presents 'Werewolf Night' News
Evil Dead Remake Getting a Seriously Limited Release! News
The Search For Weng Weng Kickstarter Campaign Kicks-off News
[Home Invasion] The Monsterama Collection Kicks-off With a Jurassic Attack News
Australia's Answer to Bigfoot Runs Amok in Throwback News
Get Stitched Up With a Human Centipede Christmas Double News
The Jungle: Interview with Writer/Director Andrew Traucki Interview
Father's Day Becomes the Latest Classification Board Nasty News
Girls Don't Fight Like Girls in the From Parts Unknown Trailer News
Bloody New Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters Trailer News
[Home Invasion] American Horror Story Season One News
Something Wants to Eat You in Andrew Traucki's The Jungle News
[Home Invasion] Joss Whedon's Dollhouse Season One News
Zombies Invade Canberra in Theatre of the Dead News
New Trailer and Art For Sci-Fi Action Thriller Crawlspace News
[Home Invasion] Eastern Eye Unleashes The 33D Invader News
Monster Fest Line-Up Delivers Mind Melting Movie Mayhem! News

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