The Dead Walk (and Kick!) in France's 'Goal of the Dead'
By: Craig Villinger on January 19, 2015 | Comments
Goal Of The Dead

Soccer isn't exactly the most action packed of sports, but with zombies and an R18+ classification added to the mix there will surely be red cards aplenty in the French horror/comedy Goal of the Dead, which hits DVD on February 18 from Madman's Asylum label.

Directed by The Horde's Benjamin Rocher and Thierry Poiraud, Goal of the Dead sees a big-money football star return to his hometown for what should be a leisurely game against a lowly opponent, but encounters of the undead variety ensue when one of the players is turned into a bloodthirsty monster after receiving an infected dose of steroids. As the virus spreads uncontrollably, the surviving players, their entourage, and a band of local misfits are dragged into the most brutal game of their lives against a mob of highly contagious zombies.

Check out the DVD cover art below, along with a trailer.

Goal Of The Dead DVD

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