100 Bloody Acres Team Return With Scare Campaign
By: Craig Villinger on February 19, 2015 | Comments
100 Bloody Acres Team Return With Scare Campaign

Colin & Cameron Cairnes, the writers and directors behind 2013's 100 Bloody Acres, are returning to the horror genre for their second feature, Scare Campaign, which begins production in Victoria this week.

Featuring Meegan Warner, Olivia DeJonge, and Ian Meadows along with Sigrid Thornton, Wolf Creek's Cassandra McGrath and The Loved Ones' John Brumpton, Scare Campaign will follow the increasingly abnormal antics of a horror-themed TV "prank" show as it attempts to stay one step ahead of its online rivals.

"The film will be packed with jolting scares and suspenseful set pieces" says Colin Cairnes, and the filmmakers have certainly chosen an appropriate location for a fear filled feature: Victoria's Mayday Hills Village, previously known as the Beechworth Lunatic Asylum. The director adds "Our script screamed out for a location steeped in history and dripping with atmosphere".

Now we love a home-grown horror movie here at Digital Retribution but unfortunately the greater population doesn't always share our enthusiasm for local product, and with 100 Bloody Acres making much of its money overseas the international dollars will again be important. Thankfully however it doesn't sound like this will involve passing Scare Campaign off as yet another faux-American production complete with dodgy accents. Speaking of the desire to connect with international audiences, Cairnes assures us "This doesn't mean going out of our way to water down the "Australianness" of the film, but it does necessitate our meeting the expectations of a sophisticated, genre-savvy international audience, and respecting their desire for big, bold ideas and polished execution."

Scare Campaign's Australian distribution will be handled by Bonsai Films and Madman Entertainment, and while a theatrical release may still be a while off we can expect to hear a lot from the filmmakers as the production continues. "We learnt a lot from the 100 Bloody Acres release" says Producer Julie Ryan "and we're aiming to connect with our fanbase earlier via social media throughout the shoot, post and release phases".

Want to connect with Scare Campaign? You can follow the team on Twitter, and like them on Facebook.

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