Yeti Sinks Its Teeth Into the Monsterama Collection
By: Craig Villinger on June 21, 2013 | Comments

Things go from bad to worse for an unfortunate bunch of collegiate football types in Yeti, the fourth release in Eagle Entertainment's "Monsterama Collection".

Directed by Paul Ziller (whose credits include Sea Beast, Iron Invader and Loch Ness Terror) from a story by Commando and Class of 1984's Mark L. Lester, Yeti sees the surviving members of a college football team struggling to endure the freezing conditions after their plane crashes in the Himalayan Mountains. They soon learn however that the nippy weather isn't their biggest concern as a hungry – not to mention incredibly shaggy – snow beast with an an ferocious bloodlust begins picking them off one-by-one. Yeah, it kind of sounds like Alive, only this time a Yeti starts eating the survivors before they resort to eating each other.

Yeti will hit DVD shelves on July 23. Below you'll find the DVD artwork along with a trailer.

Jurassic Attack DVD Art

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