The Search For Weng Weng Kickstarter Campaign Kicks-off
By: Devon B. on March 14, 2013 | Comments
The Search For Weng Weng Kickstarter Campaign Kicks-off

Andrew Leavold has been working on his new documentary, The Search For Weng Weng, for several years. Like anyone that's seen For Y'ur Height Only, Leavold took an interest in the film's diminutive star Weng Weng. Unlike everyone else, though, Leavold's interest augmented until it was a full blown obsession, and with rumours abounding and verified details about Weng Weng being scarce, Leavold decided to try and go straight to the source to get the truth about Weng Weng. The Search For Weng Weng will be the culmination of this obsession, a feature length documentary about Weng Weng and Leavold's quest to find him. Leavold is a man with a dream, and he wants our help to realise it, so he has launched a Kickstarter project to raise the funds to help finish the film.

Now, helping someone out in the name of truth and dreams is a great thing on its own, but the satisfaction of doing what's right isn't the only thing contributors to the project will receive. In a display of madness that only someone obsessed with a Filipino dwarf star could muster, Leavold has put together an insane collection of incentives at incredibly low prices. There's something for everyone (who loves Weng Weng) and the incentives range from desktop wallpaper all the way to a guided tour of Manila, with all sorts of levels in between. There are some massive deals to be had, with a print of the poster art signed by the artist (It's Only a T-Shirt's Matt O'Neill) for only $15, a cool T-shirt available for just $25, and a Weng Weng Bobble Head for a mere $50! A Weng Weng Bobble Head has shot to the very top of my list of “Things I Didn't Know that I Desperately Needed”. Mass produced Bobble Heads of stupid things nobody cares about sell for like $40 in some shops, so a limited edition Bobble Head of a cool thing that everyone cares about PLUS SHIPPING (within Australia) for $50? That's not just an incentive, that's a downright steal! The pledges have various levels with many of the items being available in multi-incentive offers, which further increases the bargains to be had. I pledged and felt guilty that I hadn't really given enough to justify all the cool swag I am going to receive.

If I'd stumbled across some interweb site that had these Weng Weng items I would've been thrilled with the products I'd ordered, but my contribution also goes towards finishing a film I really, really want to see. I've seen two extended scenes from The Search For Weng Weng and they were amazing, with one nearly as outrageous as anything found in one of Weng Weng's movies, and I can't wait for the whole story. I'm not the only one. The project has been live for about 24 hours at the time of this writing, and it's already drawn over a quarter of its total goal. It must be reassuring for Leavold that so many others have succumbed to Weng Weng's charms, but I'm tipping he's still the only one of us with the man's face tattooed on his arm.

Plenty more information about the documentary, the filmmakers and Weng Weng himself is available on the Kickstarter page, as well as a detailed list of the incentives. Help make history happen! Help the truth be told! Help solve the mystery! Help yourself to a Weng Weng Bobble Head!

For fuck's sake, it's a Weng Weng Bobble Head!!!!!

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