The Fur Will Fly When MHFS Presents 'Werewolf Night'
By: Craig Villinger on April 13, 2013 | Comments

Looking for an evening of fangs, fur and lycanthropic entertainment? Get along to Bar 303 in Northcote on Tuesday, April 30 for a double dose of werewolf goodness when the Melbourne Horror Film Society presents its 'Werewolf Night' screening, featuring Neil Marshall's Dog Soldiers and Joe Dante's The Howling.

Kicking-off the night at 7pm, Dog Soldiers sees a military exercise turn into a hairy night of horror as a squad of soldiers is besieged by snarling werewolves, while in The Howling Dee Wallace Stone plays a TV news reporter who checks herself into a secluded rehabilitation retreat after a close encounter with a serial killer, only to find the environment is anything but therapeutic.

Leslie Simpson, one of the stars of Dog Soldiers, will be special guest on the night.

Dog Soldiers Poster The Howling Poster

The Melbourne Horror Film Society's themed double feature screenings take place on the last Tuesday of every other month at Bar 303. Society memberships are required to attend the screenings and can be purchased on the night or through the Melbourne Horror Film Society website at

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