The Disco Exorcist and Anti-Social DVDs Up For Grabs
By: Digital Retribution on December 5, 2013 | Comments
The Disco Exorcist and Anti-Social DVDs Up For Grabs

Whether you're locked away inside a friends home or strutting your stuff at the local discotheque, evil can strike at any moment!

Featuring disco dancing, demonic possession, public rejection, and an outbreak of contagious violence, Monster Pictures' December titles The Disco Exorcist and Anti-Social are now available to buy in Australia, and to celebrate their release we've got one copy of each to give away.


A. Kaczmarczyk (SA), J. Post (NSW)

Video Nasties: The Definitive Guide

The Disco Exorcist

After working his way through most of the disco mamas this side of the 70’s, Rex Romanski finally loves and leaves the wrong women in Rita Marie. A Satanic High Priestess, Rita doesn’t take kindly to being dumped and, using her devilish supernatural powers, embarks on a homicidal killing spree that will only end once Rex’s head (and his man-parts) have been hand-delivered to The Devil himself! Has Rex finally come up against a problem he can’t screw his way out of? Or will he find the disco-balls needed to defeat Rita Marie, and save the soul of his new lady love - now a possessed psycho-killer controlled by Satan - in the process?


After being publicly dumped by her boyfriend on the social networking site The Social Redroom, celebrating New Year’s Eve is the last thing Sam (Michelle Mylett) wants to do. Unfortunately, when she arrives at her friend Mark’s house looking for some comfort, she finds a house party already in full swing. She would leave, but it seems things outside are even worse. A contagious pandemic of violence, suicide and paranoid hallucinations has broken out world-wide, and the cause is unknown. With the house in lockdown mode, the party-goers take to the internet looking for answers, but what they find suggests that locked doors and barricaded windows might not be enough to stop infection…

For your chance to win simply fill in the form below and hit "Submit". Entries close at 6pm (Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time) on December 12. Good luck!


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