Sharknado Blows Through Australian Cinema Screens
By: Craig Villinger on August 13, 2013 | Comments

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the movie theatre, the spectacularly awful phenomenon known as Sharknado is making the leap from cable TV to the big screen and will be playing in cinemas across Australia over the coming weeks.

Beginning this weekend, Melbourne's Cinema Nova will be hosting two late night screenings of Sharknado on Friday, August 16, and Saturday, August 17 at 11.15pm. For more information or to book your tickets, head over to the Cinema Nova website.

Can't make it to Melbourne in time for this cheesetastic event? Don't worry, Hoyts has got you covered. For one night only on Friday, September 13 Hoyts cinemas in several states will be hosting special one-off screenings of Sharknado at 7pm. The film will be showing at:

Bankstown (NSW)
Blacktown (NSW)
Broadway (NSW)
Carousel (WA)
Chadstone (VIC)
Charlestown (NSW)
Eastland (VIC)
Erina (NSW)
Frankston (VIC)
Northland (VIC)
Redcliffe (QLD)
Warrawong (NSW)
Warringah Mall (NSW)
Watergardens (VIC)
Woden (ACT)

Get yout tickets for any of those screenings from the Hoyts website.

Having already watched Sharknado on the small screen we can only wonder just how hilariously bad these CGI sharks will look on the big screen...

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