Revenge Goes Haywire in Foresight Killer Instinct
By: Craig Villinger on November 22, 2013 | Comments
Revenge Goes Haywire in Foresight Killer Instinct

Described as an "Ozploitation-action-thriller, made with mental insanity, blood, guts & sheer willpower", Foresight Killer Instinct will be unleashed on Monster Fest audiences this Saturday as part of the "Terror Australis" spotlight. In the lead-up to its worldwide festival premiere Digital Retribution pulled writer/director Duncan Cunningham aside and asked him a few questions about his debut feature, an ultra-low budget fusion of horror, action, and revenge that, according to its director, ranks among the sweariest movies of all time!

Entirely self funded with a budget of just $10,000 and filmed over a period of thirteen weekends around Ipswich, Queensland with the directors friends and family occupying many cast and crew roles, Foresight Killer Instinct combines elements of Duncan Cunningham's favourite films including Mad Max, Stone, Cyborg, and Saw. Talking about Foresight Killer Instinct's inspirations, the directors says simply "I put all the stuff I love from genres films and mixed them all in".

In an alternate Ipswich where rampant crime has left the community besieged, local psychic Glen Parsons assists the under staffed police force by using his extra sensory abilities to help identify the perpetrators of violent crimes. When a vision at his latest crime scene reveals corrupt Detective Lance Steel as the killer, Steel and his partner rape and murder Parsons' wife and shoot Parsons in the head, leaving him for dead. Instead of killing him however the bullet appears to scramble Parsons' brain completely, sending him on a delirious revenge fuelled rampage as he heaps violent punishment on a random assortment of evil doers before heading towards a confrontation with the unhinged detective.

Foresight Killer Instinct

Some filmmakers relax in air conditioned comfort, sitting behind rows of high definition monitors far removed from the action in front of the cameras. Cunningham had no such luxuries on the set of Foresight Killer Instinct, and more than once found himself suffering for his art. "We didn't have a lot of time to rehearse fight scenes, and being close mates and a testosterone fuelled film... the actors pretty much let loose on each other. I copped a few hits to the head!"

Despite being on the receiving end of cranial blows from his cast, Cunningham managed to get through the shoot by ensuring the mood was always positive. "Get there, set up and film, but have a lot of fun" was Cunningham's description of an average day on set. "It helped that most of us knew each other. Some of the guys are very crude. Some of the actors had to get used to it, but we were all there to make this twisted film". Surprisingly, for a movie that features non-stop swearing and extreme violence, several scenes were filmed in a most unlikely location. "We had a nursing home that let us film on the grounds, which gave us lots of different looks and locations. Try picking which scenes were shot in a nursing home!"

Festival screenings are usually the first chance a filmmaker has to reveal their movie to audiences, however Foresight Killer Instinct's path to Monster Fest 2013 has not been typical with the director originally uploading his film to YouTube where it was watched by around 200,000 viewers before being taken down for its inappropriate content. Refreshingly, Cunningham isn't interested in profits or kudos, saying "I just wanted people to see my movie... as I made it to get seen".

This fan friendly attitude perhaps stems from the directors humble beginnings. A self taught filmmaker, Cunningham picked up his first camera at the age of ten and just started making movies, simply because he was a fan. "I never went to film school or anything like that... my first films were Highlander knock-offs, chopping heads off with wooden swords, then I just keep making shorts after shorts". On the subject of what he would do with a major Hollywood budget, Cunningham says his movie would be a "medieval supernatural action thriller with demons, zombies, monsters... you name it" although somehow we suspect Hollywood producers won't be throwing the big dollars at this director any time soon as his fondness for dark twisted visuals, blood splattering violence and potty-mouthed characters doesn't appear to be in synch with the major studio mentality. After all, the director did point out that his film contains 309 uses of the word "fuck," "ranking it as the 11th highest film by fuck-count". Can you imagine hearing that sort of language in a summer blockbuster?

Duncan Cunningham will introduce Foresight Killer Instinct at Monster Fest on Saturday, November 23rd at 3:00pm and will also host a Q&A after the screening. When asked what Monster Fest attendees can expect from his debut feature his response was mouth-wateringly succinct: "Revenge, action, gore, guns, and metal riffs." Surely those are the sort of ingredients every Monster Fest audience member craves!

Get your tickets for Foresight Killer Instinct's screening from the Monster Fest website.

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