Home Invasion: Jason Statham's Parker
By: Craig Villinger on July 5, 2013 | Comments

Parker, the latest slice of rough-and-tumble from the ever reliable Jason Statham, will be released on DVD and Blu-ray in Australia on July 17, and Hopscotch Entertainment has provided us with the disc specs and cover art along with an early look at one of the extra features you'll find on the Blu-ray.

Based on the novels by Donald E. Westlake that also inspired Lee Marvin's Point Blank and Mel Gibson's Payback, Parker sees Statham playing a professional thief who is double crossed by a gang led by crime boss Melander (Michael Chiklis). After narrowly escaping with his life Parker sets out for revenge, enlisting a down-on-her-luck real estate agent (Jennifer Lopez) to help him foil the gangs latest heist and get back what he's owed.

Hopscotch's DVD will include an audio commentary by director Taylor Hackford and the featurette Bringing the Hunter to Life: The Making of Parker, while the Blu-ray will come with two additional featurettes: The Origin of Parker and Broken Necks and Bloody Knuckles.

Below you'll find the DVD and Blu-ray cover art as well as Broken Necks and Bloody Knuckles, a 3 and a half minute featurette focusing on Parker's stunts and fight choreography.

Parker DVD Art

Parker BD Art

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