Horrormathèque Brings New Blood to Hobart
By: Craig Villinger on September 26, 2013 | Comments
Horrormathèque Brings New Blood to Hobart

Those of us on the mainland can often be heard grumbling when we're forced to pass through several postcodes to see a movie playing in limited release, but let's spare a thought for our Tasmanian friends whose only option is to traverse Bass Strait if they want to catch some of the latest movies on the big screen!

While it's hardly an all you can eat genre buffet, cinema goers in Melbourne and Sydney can usually get out and see at least one horror movie at any given time. It's a different story in Tasmania however, where audiences are often denied the opportunity to see even the biggest mainstream releases with a like-minded audience and are forced to wait for the eventual DVD or Blu-ray release, or seek out less legitimate ways of watching the latest horrific features.

It's not all bad news for Taswegians though. The Stranger With My Face Horror Film Festival has been doing its best to put Tasmania on the genre map since its inaugural festival in 2012, and the brains behind that event are now branching out with the introduction of Horrormathèque, an ongoing screening series that aims to promote the idea of seeing horror/thriller films communally with an appreciative crowd, the way they are meant to be seen!

"We want to show that there's an audience for quality genre films here" says Stranger With My Face's Briony Kidd. "Firstly, to ensure that more of these films come down to Tasmanian in future. Secondly, we want to back the genre filmmakers of Australia. They're making some great stuff at the moment but it's often not well supported by the local market".

Horrormathèque will kick-off this Friday (September 27) @ 9pm with a screening of Adam Wingard's You're Next at Village Cinemas, Hobart. The film was originally released on over 50 screens across the larger states, but this one-off screening may be Tasmania's only chance to see one of the year's most raved about genre titles on the big screen.

For more information or to pre-book your tickets, please head over to the Stranger With My Face website. The ticket price will even get you a free drink at a nearby pub if you're in the mood to socialise after the screening.

Horrormathèque's next screening will be 100 Bloody Acres on October 5. The event will also feature a Q&A with star Angus Sampson and writer/director Colin Cairnes.

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