'Hard Action Sunday' Will End the Week With a Bang!
By: Craig Villinger on June 17, 2013 | Comments
Hard to Kill

Explosions? Gunplay? Car chases? Implied homoeroticism? All in a Sunday's work here at DR Towers.

Sunday isn't exactly the most action packed day of the week. Nursing the latest hangover, a roast dinner with the family, paying homage to whichever deity you worship? Let's face it, Sunday has been a pretty soft day up until now, but Digital Retribution is adding some much needed gristle to the weekend with Hard Action Sunday's, a weekly celebration of movies where bullets, brawn, and bloodshed reign supreme. Every Sunday we'll deliver a double-header of reviews featuring the worlds killiest action heroes, and we'll also be inviting you to help us revel in all things action on Facebook and Twitter.

Which action hero will have the honour of kicking-off our Hard Action Sunday's? There were a number of suitable candidates, but the task of headlining our explosive weekly event has been given to the most pony-tailed hero of them all...

Hard to Kill

Yes, for the next four weeks the day previously know as "Sunday" will be renamed "Seagal Sunday" as we dive into the best and worst of Steven Seagal's repertoire and attempt to type up two reviews using whatever limbs the portly man of action has left unbroken. We'll admire his street smart beginnings in films like Above the Law. We'll cheer him on in A-list blockbusters like Under Siege. And we'll wallow in the many, many straight-to-video duds he churned out after his brief Hollywood career went down the crapper.

After that, who knows who we'll choose. Schwarzenegger? Stallone? Van Damme? Lundgren? Rothrock? Lee? Li? We're hoping to do them all on Hard Action Sunday's, because when it comes to action... we like it hard!

The Hard Action Sunday Honour Roll

Seagal Sunday: June 30, 2013 - Under Siege & Submerged
Seagal Sunday: June 23, 2013 - Above the Law & Marked for Death

Who is your favourite action hero? Leave a comment below if there's a particular star you'd like to see featured in our Hard Action Sunday double-headers.

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