First Trailer For Glenn Triggs' Apocalyptic
By: Craig Villinger on August 23, 2013 | Comments
First Trailer For Glenn Triggs' Apocalyptic

A few years back we were introduced to the work of indie filmmaker Glenn Triggs with his Melbourne made slasher Cinemaphobia. Produced on a meagre budget and with the director also serving as writer, producer, editor, and composer (and possibly caterer), Cinemaphobia rose above its financial limitations to deliver a lightly comedic stalk and slash experience that gradually evolved into mean spirited survival horror. He followed that up with the time travel drama 41, and now for his next feature Triggs is venturing into Blair Witch territory with Apocalyptic, a found footage horror film about a news crew that finds itself in a spot of bother when it peers beneath the surface of a doomsday cult.

In the film, video journalist Jodie Black and cameraman Kevin Horner enter the world of the Bytherainians, an isolated community of women and children living under the watchful eye of cult leader Michael Godson, a man who claims to be "the body of a living god". As the story unfolds, the crew are torn between remaining impartial observers or attempting to intervene in the events they are witnessing.

The first trailer for Apocalyptic has just hit the interwebs, and although it doesn't reveal too much it does look as though the film might have a few genuine scares up its sleeve.

Can a locally produced indie feature that was shot in seven days and edited in three weeks hold its own alongside Hollywood's horror heavyweights? We'd like to think so! If all goes to plan Apocalyptic should be hitting local films festivals later this year.

Visit the official site at You can also follow the production on Facebook and Twitter.


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