'Films That Shocked the World' TV Spots
By: Craig Villinger on August 1, 2013 | Comments

Foxtel's World Movies channel last week announced 'Films That Shocked the World', a collection of banned and controversial movies that are all showing on Australian television for the first time.

The week begins on Monday, August 19 with The Human Centipede, followed by Larry Clark's Kids on August 20, Cannibal Holocaust on August 21, Deep Throat on August 22 and finally the still banned Baise-moi on Friday, August 23.

Considering the amount of violence, sex, and generally unsavory behaviour on display in the line-up most channels wouldn't be allowed to show these movies at all, let alone during prime time, however World Movies is proudly revelling in the inflammatory material with the launch of two 30 second TV spots to promote the upcoming screenings. The first subtly plays up the fact that these are films the everyday Australian TV viewer may not be equipped to handle, while the second highlights the controversy and social outrage these movies have generated over the years.

Censored versions of both Deep Throat and Baise-moi will be shown, however since the remaining movies are all legally available in Australia with R18+ classifications World Movies should be broadcasting them in their complete and uncut form. Seriously, who would've thought we'd ever see Cannibal Holocaust uncut on Australian screens? The RSPCA will not be impressed!

Overall this is a pretty impressive line-up, but a few notorious nasties have been overlooked. What did they miss? Hit the comments section below and tell us which controversial movies you'd like to see on Australian TV.

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