Evil Dead Remake Getting a Seriously Limited Release!
By: Craig Villinger on April 10, 2013 | Comments
Evil Dead Remake Getting a Seriously Limited Release!

Looking forward to seeing the Evil Dead remake on the big screen? Good luck finding it at a cinema near you!

It may have been a #1 hit at the US box office last weekend, but Fede Alvarez's remake of the 1981 Sam Raimi classic is receiving the art house treatment down under, with Sony Pictures today announcing that 2013's Evil Dead will be released on just four screens across Australia from May 9. Yes, four screens! So far the lucky theatres will be Cineplex South Bank in Brisbane, Perth's Cinema Paradiso, Sydney's Dendy Newtown and Cinema Nova in Melbourne.

Seriously? Four screens?

Sure, a blood splattered horror flick was never going to play on as many screens as something like DreamWorks' The Croods which opened on 533 screens locally last weekend, but you'd think a movie that grossed over $26 million at the US box office on its opening weekend would be released on more screens than a Bollywood rom-com! Just last week Icon released the almost unheard of Mandarin language war movie Saving General Yang on 8 screens, and the week before that the Hindi action comedy Himmatwala played on a total of 15 screens, so why is a movie that has been both a financial and critical success overseas virtually by-passing cinemas here?

Admittedly we are not experts in the field of motion picture distribution here at DR Towers, but even so the "needle in a haystack" release of a highly anticipated product with a pre-existing fan base doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Yes, the R18+ classification is undoubtedly one factor that could negatively impact Evil Dead's box office potential, but this doesn't really look like a movie that was made for the under 18 crowd. Are local exhibitors not willing to offer screen space to an R18+ rated movie featuring possession, dismemberment, and frisky foliage, or does Sony simply not care about its grimier product?

Fans have a whole lot of questions, but so far Sony isn't offering any answers. Not long after news of the limited release strategy was announced earlier today angry Deadites have been lining up to vent their frustration on the Sony Pictures Australia Facebook page, with comments ranging from "Way to encourage piracy" to "You suck balls sony!"

It's worth nothing that Sony may still announce more screening locations in the coming days, but with just four screens currently announced the chances of seeing Evil Dead on more screens than you can count on two severed hands seems unlikely.

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