'Dragon Wasps' Serves Up a Swarm Load of Trouble
By: Craig Villinger on May 15, 2013 | Comments

Eagle Entertainment's 'Monsterama Collection' has so far given us dinosaurs, and a giant fish/snake hybrid. Can it top those creatures with its third release? We'll answer that question with three words: Fire breathing insects!

On shelves from June 19th, Dragon Wasps tells of a beautiful entomologist and her fiery assistant who travel deep into the rain forests of Belize in search of a lost loved one. Escorted by heavily-armed soldiers, the group is soon ambushed by Guerrilla thugs, and things quickly get wose when they are attacked by a horde of Dragon Wasps - massive flying bugs that shoot flames from their abdomen! Can the military defeat the bandits and survive a fearsome insect onslaught? Dragon Wasps stars Benjamin Easterday, Dominika Juillet and Corin Nemec and was directed by Joe Knee.

Featuring the former star of Parker Lewis Can't Lose as a military hero (observe his hilariously "macho" facial expression on the cover art below), dolled-up women deep in the jungle, gunplay, and deadly hybrid creatures, this one is sure to entertain on some level.

Dragon Wasps DVD Art

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