Cannibal Holocaust Coming to Australian TV Screens!
By: Craig Villinger on July 25, 2013 | Comments
Cannibal Holocaust Coming to Australian TV Screens!

They've been banned. They've been censored. They've inspired public outrage. And thanks to Foxtel's World Movies channel they will all be broadcast on Australian television screens for the very first time.

Over one week World Movies will present Films That Shocked The World – a collection of disturbing, controversial, and occasionally offensive movies that have tested the limits of our local censors. Featuring violence, sex, animal slaughter, medical deviancy, and one title that is still banned in Australia, this is surely among the most notorious collections to ever appear on Australian screens.

Films That Shocked The World

The week begins on Monday, August 19 with the Australian television premiere of a film that gave the phrase "ass to mouth" a whole new meaning – Tom Six's The Human Centipede. While the film had no censorship issues of its own in this country (its sequel was banned by the Classification Review before a censored version was passed with an R18+ classification) the story of a mad scientist who begins stitching three patients together to create a "human centipede" provoked audiences across the world, especially the squeamish.

Tuesday August 20 sees the Australian TV premiere of Larry Clark's Kids, the story of a HIV-positive teenage boy who sets out to deflower as many virgins as he can in one day while one of his most recent conquests attempts to stop him. Like The Human Centipede, Kids has not experienced any censorship hassles in this country and is readily available in Australia, unlike Clark's Ken Park which was banned in 2003.

The following night, on August 21 at 9.30pm, World Movies will broadcast a film that virtually none of us would've expected to see on Australian television screens at all, let alone on a quiet Wednesday evening: Cannibal Holocaust. Banned twice in the early 80s, Ruggero Deodato's story about a group of filmmakers who disappear in the Amazon while shooting a documentary on cannibal tribes people offended Australian censors so much that an uncut version was not made not legally available until 2005.

Cannibal Holocaust

Thursday, August 22 is a night for the smut lovers with a screening of Linda Lovelace's adult classic Deep Throat. In the film, which was banned in Australia on numerous occasions, Lovelace plays a young woman who tries everything to cure her sexual frustration before finally discovering that the key to her gratification is in her throat. Deep Throat has never been shown on Australian television, although World Movies will presumably screen the tamer R18+ version that is free of any X rated material.

Finally, on Friday August 23 the Films That Shocked The World showcase will come to an end with a screening of Baise Moi, a movie that is still "refused classification" in Australia. Banned for its mix of real sex and violence, this story about two women on a revenge road-trip has not been shown legally in this country since it was yanked from cinema screens back in 2002, although since the uncut version is still technically illegal in Australia World Movies will be broadcasting a version that has been cut to comply with R18+ classification guidelines.

World Movies, unlike most Australian TV channels, is allowed to show R18+ material without any cuts, so all of these movies - with the exception of Baise Moi and Deep Throat - should be broadcast in their complete and uncut forms.

Baise Moi

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