Blood, Dames, and Roller Derby! Welcome to MurderDrome
By: Craig Villinger on August 14, 2013 | Comments
Welcome to MurderDrome

We've been keeping an eye on the work of Melbourne based StrongMan Pictures Entertainment for many years now, but up until this point we haven't had the chance to watch any of their completed feature length productions. Back in 2006 we first interviewed director Daniel Armstrong about the asylum set zombie picture The Disturbed, but unfortunately that project never made it past the pre-production stage. Then in 2008 we began following the progress of Armstrong's directorial debut, a wrestling/action/horror hybrid known as From Parts Unknown, but that has been in post-production for several years now and there is still no completion date in sight.

Thankfully the StrongMan team seems to be full of crazy ideas. While still putting the finishing touches on From Parts Unknown they've pushed ahead with another project that sounds like it will be anything but run-of-the-mill, and thanks to Monster Pictures we will actually get to see this one later this year when MurderDrome has its world premiere at Monster Fest.

Describing itself as "the world's first roller derby slasher extravaganza", MurderDrome promises to deliver red hot derby girls, supernatural evil, and blood drenched beauty on 8 wheels as a pissed-off ghost stalks a team of roller derby players.

Cherry Skye just wants to skate, but the vengeful ghost of a killer has plans for her soul. Trapped between the wrath of love scorned and supernatural evil, Skye races towards The MurderDrome at breakneck speed. When she gets there there's no guarantees anyone is coming out alive. Welcome to The MurderDrome, it's not a game anymore...

To coincide with the announcement of MurderDrome's world premiere Monster Pictures have released a new teaser trailer, which you can check out below.

Monster Fest begins on November 21 in Melbourne. Full details and screening times will be available in the coming weeks.

The ladies of Murderdrome

The ladies of Murderdrome 2

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