Bite into the Canberra Premiere of 'Theatre of the Dead'
By: Craig Villinger on November 23, 2013 | Comments
Bite into the Canberra Premiere of 'Theatre of the Dead'

Cinema audiences will get their first taste of the Australian zombie feature Theatre of the Dead when it premieres next Thursday, November 28th, at Dendy Canberra Cinemas.

Crowd funded through Indiegogo, the film follows a group of actors who've been locked away inside a theatre for rehearsals, unaware that the world outside is slowly being consumed by the zombie apocalypse.

"I am very excited to present our finished film to its first cinema audience" says Producer Daniel Sanguineti, of the project that has been a two and a half year labour of love for a coalition of local film-makers, many of whom put in hundreds of volunteer hours to get it over the line. "The film is evidence of the incredible talent, energy and passion that Canberrans have for filmmaking and a sign of future achievements to come."

The Canberra premiere screening will kick-off at 6.30pm, and tickets can be purchased via the film's website: Tickets can only be pre-ordered, and will not be available at the Dendy box office on the night.

More Canberra screenings of Theatre of the Dead are planned for December, and the film is being submitted to international film festivals for consideration next year.

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