Australia's Answer to Bigfoot Runs Amok in Throwback
By: Craig Villinger on February 2, 2013 | Comments
Australia's Answer to Bigfoot Runs Amok in Throwback

We've all seen dozens of movies featuring Bigfoot and The Yeti, but what about our home grown mythical beasts? For too long now Australian natives have been overshadowed by the more commercially accessible shaggy behemoths, but thanks to Writer/Director Travis Bain the fabled Yowie - Australia's answer to Bigfoot - may soon get its time in the spotlight.

In Throwback, which recently wrapped production in Australia's Far North, two wannabe treasure hunters venture deep into the jungle in search of a legendary outlaw's centuries old lost gold, but discover something else entirely when they cross paths with a savage primate that doesn't exactly welcome guests into its territory. Along with a feisty female park ranger and a disturbed ex-cop, the treasure hunters find themselves playing a game of cat and mouse with the Yowie as they try to find their way out of Queensland's green inferno. The film stars Shawn Brack, Anthony Ring, Melanie Serafin and Vernon Wells, the man who made tight fitting chain mail vests fashionable in Commando and has also villained-up the screen in Mad Max 2 and Fortress.

Vernon Wells as ex-homicide detective John McNab in "Throwback"

According to its creator Travis Bain, Throwback is a homage to 70's cinema, in particular bigfoot movies such as The Legend of Boggy Creek and Creature from Black Lake: "I wanted to make the kind of Bigfoot movie William Friedkin or Walter Hill might have made if they'd come to Australia 35 years ago. Throwback is what it might have looked like, a sort of gritty creature-feature/neo-western/action-adventure mashup". On the subject of the films tone he adds "Throwback isn't a gorefest. It's bloody in parts, but its main focus is on suspense and chills. I've always believed that only seeing fleeting glimpses of a monster - or even just hearing it - is scarier than seeing it outright."

While the Yowie has inspired more than one short film (including Dick Dale's Yowie!!! – a long time favourite here at DR Towers) Throwback is the first feature film ever made about Australia's legendary cryptid.

Throwback is expected to play the film festival circuit and secure a distributor later this year. While we wait, a new trailer was recently uploaded to the interwebs, and you can check it out below along with Throwback's first teaser poster.

Throwback Teaser Poster

For more Yowie sightings visit Throwback's Facebook page.

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