Zombies Invade Canberra in Theatre of the Dead
By: Craig Villinger on September 30, 2012  | 
Theatre of the Dead

The curtain has come up on the first trailer for Theatre of the Dead, a low budget Australian zombie feature that takes the familiar Night of the Living Dead style siege scenario and plonks it in a somewhat unique environment.

Written and directed by Patrick J. Gallagher, Theatre of the Dead follows the cast and crew of a stage production who had spent countless hours locked away in rehearsals, completely oblivious to the fact that an undead apocalypse was consuming the world around them. Now trapped inside the theatre, they must decide between waiting for rescue, or making a break and taking their chances with the flesh hungry hordes outside.

Sure, it doesn't look like the film had much of a budget but the makers of Theatre of the Dead are aiming to transcend any shortcomings by bringing "an intense and gory thrill-ride" to its audience. Laying the red stuff on with enthusiasm certainly goes a long way towards keeping us amused, and we also like the look of Theatre of the Dead's first poster where lead actress Emma Gleeson is primed to pummel a host of hungry zombies with a bloody pipe!

Theatre of the Dead Poster

With a significant portion of its budget raised through a combination of direct investment, a successful IndieGoGo crowd funding campaign and corporate sponsorship, Theatre of the Dead is the first film to be produced through the Canberra Feature Film Coalition (CFFC), a group of filmmakers from various segments of the local industry who have decided to pool their resources to produce feature films in the ACT, with an emphasis on our beloved horror and action genres.

If Theatre of the Dead is a success is there a chance the recently formed CFFC would consider producing a sequel called Parliament House of the Dead, where the undead hordes scarf down on bickering Pollies as they inanely lay the blame for the zombie apocalypse on each other's policies?

Theatre of the Dead is currently in post-production, and has its sights set on invading international film festivals next year. Until that happens you can learn more about Theatre of the Dead over at the official site. You can also follow the production on Facebook and Twitter.

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