Something Wants to Eat You in Andrew Traucki's The Jungle
By: Devon B. on October 17, 2012 | Comments

Andrew Traucki showed he was a master of psychological tension with his debut Black Water, and proved more than adept at mixing together shots of real crocodiles and footage of his cast to make it look like the actors were in real peril. Traucki followed Black Water with the similarly taught The Reef, where a white pointer terrorised a group of people stuck in the ocean. Traucki was able to deftly composite images of the shark in with his cast, giving the film a fantastic edge of realistic terror. For the third film in his "Three Colours Red" trilogy, Traucki moves away from the water and on to dry land in The Jungle.

Traucki has once again written the film, in which an Australian conservationist and his documentarian brother travel to an Indonesian jungle to investigate reports that an endangered species of leopard has been sighted in the area. Unluckily for them, but luckily for fans of animal horror, instead of just looking for a cat, they wind up being stalked by something else. I'm guessing from the poster art it's a panther.

There's been a theme in Traucki's films thus far, and that is: Something is trying to eat you and you don't know where it is. This idea seems to be ingrained in The Jungle as well, where an "unseen predator" is on the hunt. Traucki has proved himself incredibly skilled in this genre twice already, and the only downside to this upcoming film is it appears to be the final instalment in a trilogy. Digital Retribution remains hopeful that he'll still make a movie about a killer polar bear, but for the moment we'll focus our eager attention on The Jungle.

Check out The Jungle's Facebook page for more information, and a tantalising photo that suggests a python will be in on the fun too.

The Jungle Poster

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