Girls Don't Fight Like Girls in the From Parts Unknown Trailer
By: Craig Villinger on November 2, 2012 | Comments

If you've only discovered Digital Retribution recently – and by recently we mean the last four years or so – you probably would not have seen any mention of the Melbourne made indie wrestling-action-horror feature From Parts Unknown: Fight Like a Girl on these pages. The cameras first rolled way back in 2007, but since then the film has encountered a number of post-production hurdles and for a while there we pretty much forget about it.

Not that From Parts Unknown: Fight Like a Girl has a forgettable set-up. On the contrary, it's premise – that of a spunky office worker whose dreams of becoming a champion pro wrestler are threatened when her employers release a shit storm of video game generated zombies onto the world – is as appealing as anything we've heard of late, although completing a film that combines female wrestlers, zombies and special effects of both the practical and digital variety was never going to be an easy task on a micro budget. With no significant financing to work with the filmmakers chose to take their time rather than dump a half-arsed production onto the market, and now, after six long years and a number of set backs, the finish line is finally in sight.

"When we began casting in 2007 we didn't expect 6 years of our lives to be consumed by this film", says writer, co-producer and director Daniel Armstrong. "We've come through some very dark days, but we're extremely proud of the fact we persisted and of the end result". On the subject of the film's target fan base he added "We want to find those people who are fans of things to the left of mainstream with a high tolerance for the sublime and ridiculous. It might take a while to find that crowd, but I think we've proven we can handle the long haul!"

As a Halloween treat the first official From Parts Unknown: Fight Like a Girl trailer was recently released, and with its cult fan base baiting mix of girl-on-girl violence, science-gone-awry, and splattery undead shenanigans we're pretty sure Digital Retribution readers are the crowd this movie was made for.

Starring Jenna Dwyer, Elke Osadnik, Ross Ditcham, Josh Futcher and Sarah Howett, From Parts Unknown : Fight Like A Girl was produced by Strongman Pictures Entertainment in association with Pro Championship Wrestling Entertainment (PCWe) and features an original score by KidCrusher. The film is expected to have its first screenings in Melbourne next year and will seek local and international distribution throughout 2013.

For more information visit the official Facebook page:

Dollhouse Season One BD Art

Dollhouse Season One BD Art

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