Home Invasion: Eastern Eye Unleashes The 33D Invader
By: Craig Villinger on September 28, 2012  | 
The 33D Invader

Those of you who've visited these pages for long enough will know that our taste in cinema is best described as "low brow", so when news of an Asian sci-fi sex comedy about a scantily clad babe who comes back from the future to save the human race hits our desk, it's pretty much a case of "Stop the presses!" We don't actually have presses, or anything that could rightfully be called a desk here at DR Towers, but the point is Eastern Eye's R18+ rated The 33D Invader sounds like it might deliver the kind of fleshy goodness we constantly crave, and if we like the sound of it, you might too.

In the year 2046 most of the population has been rendered infertile after aliens from the planet Xucker bombard Earth with radiation. In an attempt to rebuild the human race the United Nations sends "Future" back through time to present day Hong Kong to retrieve a male specimen of good breeding stock, but with two aliens attempting to sabotage her mission and an apartment full of horny room-mates to contend with Future's quest to bring back a suitably virile specimen will be no easy task.

Arriving on October 24 Eastern Eye's DVD won't be packed with features (a trailer appears to be the only option) but it will feature a 16:9 enhanced widescreen transfer and the original Cantonese 5.1 channel audio with English subtitles. At this stage The 33D Invader will only be released on DVD so we'll have to settle for watching what the classification board describes as "High impact sex scenes and sexual themes" in standard definition.

Check out Eastern Eye's cover art and a suitable cheesy trailer below.

33D Invader Art

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