The Dark World of Burlesque
By: Craig Villinger on November 18, 2009  |  Comments ()  |  Share 
BurlesqueDank Films, makers of the Aussie nunsploitation feature Bad Habits (which is still awaiting distribution after enjoying a successful run on the festival circuit, where it recently claimed the "Best Australian Feature Film" award at the Sexy International Film Festival to go with multiple awards at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival) are busily prepping their follow-up film Burlesque, and with production set to commence in Melbourne in just a few days we caught up with writer/director Dominic Deacon for a few quick words.

Burlesque's story will focus on a man called Frank (Haydn Evans). Frank is a writer of sex and violence horror stories. Or at least he was. By the time we meet him he's a washed-up drunk – a lonely, depressed hermit who got old before his time. Late one night Frank's quiet existence is disturbed by the arrival of two beautiful dancers – alluring, mysterious women who claim to be his biggest fans and promise to make his dreams come true. Only problem is, Frank is a man with very dark dreams...

"Essentially it's an exploitation movie about exploitation movies" said Deacon when asked what audiences could expect from his second feature. "Sometimes it's sexy, sometimes it's scary, sometimes it's funny. Occasionally all in the same scene". He went on to add "It's going to have an awesome blues soundtrack sourced from local Melbourne bands. All up I think it's going to be a really fun movie. Particularly for exploitation movie fans."

The writer/director says Burlesque is a "dialogue driven movie", but the plot will be livened up by a couple of real burlesque dancers. Miss Poppy Cherry will play one of the central characters while Minsky Malone will be popping in for a cameo to perform what he describes as "the creepiest, sexiest Burlesque dance I've ever seen. I saw the routine a few months back at a bar and knew straight away it'd be perfect for the film".

Burlesque is set to go before the cameras on November 21 and will hopefully be completed in mid 2010, just in time for the Melbourne Underground Film Festival. We'll be keeping you updated with all the latest Burlesque happenings right here but you can also follow the production on Facebook and MySpace.

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