No Jennifer's Body For You!
By: Craig Villinger on October 25, 2009  |  Comments ()  |  Share 
Road Train ArtSay it aint so! Barely pubescent teenage boys and dirty old men alike may be denied the chance to ogle Megan Fox's fine form on the big screen as 20th Century Fox has removed the horror/comedy Jennifer's Body from its theatrical release schedule!

The film, in which Fox plays a high school cheerleader possessed by some sort of demon who begins slaughtering her male classmates, was originally due to be released in late October but was bumped to December 10 after a less than impressive opening at the US box office. Now, for reasons that may never be fully explained to shattered males all over the country, it has vanished from Fox's forthcoming release schedule completely and is almost certainly doomed to go straight to DVD shelves sometime in 2010.

One wonders if the surprise US box-office success of Paranormal Activity, which is due in Australian cinemas on December 3, was the final nail in Jennifer's coffin...

Fox (20th Century, not Megan) did go to the trouble of putting up an official Australian site at which still teases us with the "In Cinemas December 10" message, but that, like Jennifer's Body's theatrical release plans, will presumably vanish in the not-too-distant future.

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