Dead Country: Australian Horror Classics Movie Festival
By: Mark David Ryan October 12, 2009  |  Comments ()  |  Share 
Wake in FrightIn early 2009, Brisbane was the envy of Australia when it hosted the Be Afraid: Fear in North American Cinema horror festival boasting original prints of the most influential horror movies of all time. Screening at the Australian Cinemateque, Modern Institute Art, the festival brought us classics such as The Thing, Rosemary's Baby, Jaws, The Exorcist, Friday the 13th, and Halloween, among countless others.

Well, for horror fans all over the country, it might be time to pack the bags and move to the sunshine state with Dead Country: Australian Horror Classics movie festival kicking off just before Halloween, and showcasing the very best of terror Australis.

The festival is an excellent range of moody horror/thrillers in Patrick and Road Games by the master Richard Franklin, iconic revenge of nature/monstrous landscape movies in Razorback and Long Weekend, to gore splattered action in Turkey Shoot and Body Melt. The festival also includes the classic Wake in Fright starring Donald Pleasence before playing Dr. Loomis in the US classic Halloween. Though not technically a horror film, the film paints an unrelentingly bleak and morally dark portrait of some of Australia's most treasured institutions from drinking and mateship to gambling, and is regarded a standout of a broad Aussie horror tradition. The festival runs from 28 October to 1 November and movies are original 35 mm prints sourced from the National film and sound archive.

From the hilariously schlock humour of were-marsupials down under in the werewolf spoof Howling III, to exploding heads, penises and an incestuous mutant family getting high off Kangaroo adrenal glands in Body Melt, this is a festival not to miss.

The program

Wake in Fright - 1971 M – Fri 30 Oct 8.00pm / Cinema A

Long Weekend - 1978 MA15+ - Fri 30 Oct 6.00pm / Cinema A

Patrick - 1978 M – Sun 1 Nov 3.00pm / Cinema A

Roadgames - 1981 M – Sun 1 Nov 1.00pm / Cinema B

Turkey Shoot - 1982 M – Wed 28 Oct 8.00pm / Cinema A

Razorback - 1984 M – Sat 31 Oct 8.00pm / Cinema A

Howling III: The Marsupials - 1987 M – Sat 31 Oct 6.00pm / Cinema A

Body Melt - 1993 MA15+ -Wed 28 Oct 6.00pm / Cinema A

Venue: Australian Cinemateque, Modern Institute Art, South Bank, Brisbane, Queensland

For more information visit the Gallery of Modern Art website.

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