An Exclusive Clip From Damned By Dawn!
By: Craig Villinger on September 12, 2009  |  Comments ()  |  Share 
The Banshee! The makers of Damned By Dawn are currently weighing up their distribution options after the successful world premiere back in August, so while we can't tell you exactly when Damned will be readily available just yet we have managed to land an exclusive clip from the movie!

In the scene below two unfortunate characters are chased though a fog enshrouded forest by a scythe wielding nasty, which we're assuming is intent on giving them more than just a friendly pat on the backside! Quality note: Click on the "Full Screen" button for maximum viewing pleasure. And crank the volume up - loud!

Damned By Dawn is set on an isolated farm and revolves around a family that is terrorized during a violent thunderstorm when a banshee's wailing summons the dead, forcing the group to battle malevolent spirits whilst fighting to save their souls from eternal torment at the hands of the banshee.

For the trailer and behind the scenes pics visit the official site, and become a fan of Damned By Dawn on Facebook.

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